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The target is an Automotive Accessories Consumer Products Retailer that has developed a renowned brand on the eCommerce Channel, with Best Seller and Amazon’s Choice Badges. The company has impeccable brand development with enterprise-level, quality product provisioning at its core. The company’s products span a number of different subcategories within Automotive, including organization, car seat protection, bins, shades, kick mats, pet protectors and more. Ownership has created a foundation Internet Company that will allow new ownership to use the power of the fully developed brand and expand it internationally, across channels and through additional product development.

With such a diversified arrangement of offerings, the company is able to offer a wide variety of products that are always going to be necessary for as long as we need to drive cars and trucks. The company currently offers 32 SKUs in the above-mentioned subcategories, allowing it ample opportunity to scale far beyond its primary sales channel, Amazon, where over 90% of sales currently generate. These particular products will do very well overseas on other Amazon country sites and also have a lot of room to grow on other US sites, like eBay, Walmart, Jet and more.

Business operations are very simple since the company utilizes a hybrid Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) and 3PL logistics model. With this model, outside services handle all storage, shipping and customer support for its shipments, leaving ownership to focus on brand and product development, and scale. And of course, none of the usual headaches associated with Warehouses, including employees, equipment, rent, etc. are necessary with this business, making it highly mobile and operable from any location anywhere in the world.

The business has clean books and records with tax returns that will support a business loan through one of the Website Closers Lending Partners, which will allow a Qualified Buyer to purchase this business with as little as 10% down on a 10 year amortization schedule. Please let us know if you are interested in learning more about this opportunity.

This company has everything smart entrepreneurs, investors and lenders are looking for in an M&A opportunity: High Growth, Proprietary Product Lines, Multiple #1 Best Seller & Amazon Choice Badges within the Product Mix, Highly Scalable and Clean Numbers.

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Asking Price
$ 3,600,000
Cash Flow
$ 881,853
Gross Income
$ 4,771,388
Year Established

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