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The target is a branded eCommerce retailer in the Supplements vertical, offering a wide variety of niche, demographically-targeted nutraceutical products as well as broad application SKUs across a portfolio of aged, organically-ranked websites and an Amazon storefront.

Seeing consistent YOY growth and a solid repeat customer base, this business experiences a $20 average ticket price primarily by way of Amazon and by selling DTC across 10 websites, many of which are aimed at specific verticals such as male potency, weight loss, and recreational marijuana use and enhancement – this includes marijuana-specific grinders and related accessories. This niche is one of the fastest growing sectors in the Supplements space by demand.

This retailer represents a highly turn-key opportunity in many ways thanks to a lightweight and fluid stock and ship platform that is based entirely on organic growth. This business requires very little storage, and very little workload is asked of ownership. Featuring 100% in-house owned formulas, expanding the product line and transitioning SKUs to Amazon FBA shipping is an imminent scale opportunity leading to an almost fully hands-off platform that is already achieving scale with minimal input.

This branded line is in a high-demand vertical that has yet to tap into alternative & salient sales platforms like Wal-Mart, Jet and others, not to mention international scale with the power of Amazon. This Branded Retailer is a hugely desirable opportunity in the E-Commerce world and can easily be taken to the next level by any savvy entrepreneur thanks to excellent segment placement and solid brand presentation.

No social media, SEO, or email marketing of any kind has been implemented to date, all of which could result in incremental scale right away – supplements in general are here to stay and owning this proprietary brand with owned formulas means sidestepping any barriers to segment entry. The company is currently focused on multiple verticals, a number of which are newly trending, and seeing very heavy growth in numerous USDM regions, as well as Eurozone and APAC markets. Therefore, the time is right to transition the business to another owner that can take what has been built and scale it well beyond its current velocity.

This Supplements Retailer Represented by:
Tech & Website Business Brokers

Asking Price
$ 265,000
Cash Flow
$ 62,472
Gross Income
$ 160,243
Year Established