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Nutritional Supplements Brand – Direct to Consumer via Branded Website – 30% Recurring Revenue – Ready to Scale into Amazon and Beyond


Website Closers® presents an innovative and influential Nutritional Supplements Brand that carries a jaw dropping unique monthly visitor rate of 500,000 on its Branded Website – where it currently focuses its Traffic & Conversions. An immediate opportunity exists to begin selling these branded products on the largest eCommerce Marketplace in the United States – The company currently focuses in Blood Boosters, Brain Boosters, CBD Gummies, and Turmeric Dietary Supplements.

With unrivaled traction within a niche and highly lucrative market, this impressive company has earned a 30% Recurring Customer Rate. Paired with their incredible Average Order Value that stands at $160, this acquisition is an exceedingly promising opportunity with a long runway for growth. In fact, this target’s trailing 12-month revenue rate is just under $20 Million – something that could be tripled or more on the Amazon platform.

Beyond Amazon, this brand can also move into other sale channels, including and brick-and-mortar storefronts such as Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Target and Vitamin Shoppe. This fully developed brand has a strong foothold within the lucrative and evergreen nutritional supplements and vitamins industry and with that foundation in place, is ready for a new owner to set expectation and execute.

A large percentage of the nutritional supplements audience is elderly. With a large and loyal consumer base spanning customers of all ages, this vitamin brand utilizes a well-tailored strategy to reach and convert senior leads as well as all interested parties. This strategy can be more fully orchestrated by adding to the product assortment.

The business utilizes a 3,300 square foot warehouse to fulfill more than 1,000 daily orders. Purchasing inventory at 100,000 units per order, this brand restocks every 3-6 weeks to keep up with demand.

Responsible for inventory tracking, sales monitoring, coordinating marketing efforts and otherwise overseeing all scale and business development efforts, current ownership spends an average of 10 and 15 weekly hours on running this opportunity. Working with 12 customer representatives, 3 warehouse contractors, and 1 Virtual Assistant this company is a fully equipped offering with the foundation necessary to operate seamlessly and reliably and to gain awareness, traffic, and sales.

With a monumentally impactful marketing strategy, this dynamic company uses an outside marketing agency to run campaigns on a variety of Native Advertising platforms via various communications channels. A phenomenally useful media mix, this company has built up an email database of 400,000+ active contacts along with strong traffic growth and reliable conversion rates. This is a huge value proposition for this business.

This target’s strong brand presence has developed a solid foundation for growth, but presents the largest untapped audience with 197 Million Monthly Users – audience research has proven that 77% of eCommerce vitamin and dietary supplement sales are completed through Amazon. Leading more than 80% of the overall digital retail market, this sales channel holds the most promise for any supplements brand. Both Walmart and iHerb retain a large market share as well to create a large and mostly untapped audience for this strong and well-developed brand.

The wellness industry is a global movement teeming with opportunity, including brick and mortar sellers, big box stores and wellness focused shops as well as services such as yoga studios and water aerobics classes. Furthering this brand’s digital engagement, SEO improvements, and social media use both organically and paid, could also skyrocket profitability. This is easily done through this target’s current marketing partners.

An influential and advantageously positioned company, this brand has a very strategic marketing mix that delivers monumental ROAS and carries limitless room to scale. From a large and loyal current consumer base with dependable cashflow to a vast array of potential growth avenues, this promising acquisition is an amazing investment opportunity.

This Nutritional Supplements eCommerce Retailer Represented by:

Website Closers

Tech & Internet Business Brokers

Listing ID:  WC2179

Asking Price
$ 10,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 5,177,829
Gross Income
$ 18,577,183
Year Established