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Nutritional Supplements Brand with a 33% Repeat Order Rate – Amazon FBA & Shopify DTC – In Business Since 2014 – Strong Social Media Following


Website Closers® presents an opportunity to own a Health Care Business with nearly a decade of experience marketing its own brand of premium Nutritional Supplements. Not only is this a rapidly growing niche industry, but it’s one that builds intense customer loyalty. This brand currently offers 26 SKUs and holds a strong 33% Repeat Order Rate from its subscription program. Many of these subscribing customers have been with the company since it was first launched in 2014. This well-established brand has a history of providing customers with high quality, well reviewed supplements – this foundation provides a buyer of this business with a remarkable advantage heading into the future.

Health, dietary, and nutritional supplements have become enormously popular in the past decade as an over-the-counter option for improving certain ailments and staying fit. As consumers have become more conscious of their health and fitness, the desire among people of all ages to improve their wellbeing has turned millions to research some form of vitamins or supplements for daily use. Social media has been a driving influence for self-improvement and fitness, and many promoters of health supplements are using these sites to highlight the benefits of their products. Bolstering that trend, many influencers in the beauty industry are embracing social media to welcome health and fitness goals with open arms, encouraging thousands of others to follow their example. In the past 8 years, this brand has tapped into that rising consumer desire to stay healthy and to embrace supplements to achieve their fitness goals and have made a series of very smart and strategic moves to boost sales, generate higher profits, and to significantly expand the customer base.

Their presence on Amazon is strong. While the organization has a Shopify website where they market their products as well, sales are particularly strong on Amazon where they offer Prime Shipping on all products.  In fact, the vast majority of their sales are generated via Amazon FBA. Operating on Amazon’s Seller Central platform, the company has used PPC ads on Amazon to expand their customer base and this method has been very successful.  The company sells its own branded products on Amazon, sourced from U.S.-based GMP and FDA-certified manufacturers. If customers want these products, this brand is the only place to find them. Quite a few customers have done just that. The brand sports an impressive 4.8 Seller Rating on Amazon and has acquired more than 5,000+ reviews.

More importantly, the company’s subscription plan has been a big hit with customers, and many have been subscribers with the brand since they first launched. Their subscribers on average spend 1.92 times more than non-subscribers and their subscriber count is growing 8% month over month. Several of their products have also received an Amazon’s Choice Badge.

Social media may be one of the strongest marketing tools for the supplements industry, and this brand has certainly demonstrated that. Photos of their products, information about the health benefits, and testimonials from customers who can verify those benefits have helped attract large followings on key social media sites. That includes Facebook, where the organization now enjoys 19,200+ followers, and an additional 7,700+ followers on Instagram. In addition to these more traditional avenues, they see 2,000+ monthly views on their Pinterest page. That’s helped to drive organic traffic and boost sales. With an Average Order Value of $24.16, recent sales have surpassed $587,000+, and the company’s products page has a strikingly high conversion rate of 41%.  Sales have also remained consistent throughout the year, with no noticeable seasonal factors. Once a customer has chosen one of their supplements, tried it, and found it beneficial, many of them stick with it long term. Sales are so steady, in fact, that the brand typically has 7,000 units stored and ready for quick shipment through Fulfillment by Amazon, with new inventory ordered every 6-12 weeks.

This brand is ideally positioned for growth, both through eCommerce options and from digital marketing. There are opportunities to research what new products are highest in demand among consumers, and then create new supplements to launch on Amazon, introduce to new customers, and of course upsell to the existing customer base. Their supplements currently address a wide array of needs, including reducing anxiety or stress, healing pain, or boosting immunity and energy levels. That leave plenty of room for new products that address other health or fitness needs.

The launching of an influencer marketing campaign would provide a major boost to sales, particularly by utilizing influencers in the field of health, nutrition, fitness, and beauty care. Each one would likely drive sales to considerable heights since social media has become the ideal marketing spot for supplements.

There is also the opportunity for an international expansion. Currently, the brand sells its products in the U.S., but Amazon’s overseas platforms would enable the enterprise to find huge new customer markets in Canada, Mexico and Europe that are likely to be just as receptive to these SKUs. Similarly, the brand could expand onto additional eCommerce sites such as Walmart, while also making a concerted effort to begin marketing its products to retailers such as supplements shops, fitness centers, yoga studios and other brick-and-mortar stores that routinely sell a wide variety of supplement products and may be looking for more. There’s no question the public’s appetite for supplements will keep growing, and the desire to stay healthy and fit will remain on an upward trajectory as well.

With such a faithful customer base and high subscription rate, this brand is the ideal choice for a buyer looking to quickly growth a profitable operation.

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