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Nutritional Supplements eCommerce Brand – 27% YOY Earnings Growth – Over 100 SKUs – 30% of Sales from Subscribe & Save – Amazon FBA Focused


Website Closers® presents an opportunity to purchase a growing eCommerce Brand with a leadership position in one of our fastest-growing industries, the Nutritional Supplements market. With 20% YOY Growth, a focus on Amazon FBA Sales Logistics, and a highly technical R&D system in place to identify product opportunities, the company is flying high and in a position to continue to soar as it grows from an Amazon FBA Business to a broader DTC & Retail Brand.

With products manufactured for them in the U.S. and then sold on their Amazon Account, the company has received tens of thousands of enthusiastic product reviews, which are crucial not just for ranking on the Amazon Platform, but also in gaining the trust of consumers when buying consumable products for the first time and continuing to buy them going forward because they believe in their effectiveness. To that end, this company has done a tremendous job in turning many of their initial buyers into devoted repeat customers. 30% of the company’s sales come from their Subscribe & Save program on Amazon (with 11,000+ members), a percentage matched by the enthusiasm shown in their highly enthusiastic reviews and 100% positive account rating on Amazon.

Nearly a decade has been spent growing the customer base. Launched 8 years old, this private label eCommerce Business employs careful research before making their products available. They work hard to ensure their supplements have a lasting impact on their customer’s health.

In the past few years, the popularity of their products has skyrocketed and become quite sticky with consumers. At an Average Order Value of $24, their products are attractively priced and conveniently shipped through Fulfillment By Amazon, providing the customer with first-rate customer service.

With revenue close to $5 million, the company has grown to an impressive 70 ASINs with 2 SKUs each, and the development of new items continues: there are many new products currently under production. This has enabled the company to appeal to an increasingly wider and more diverse customer base as they meet the demands in various subcategories within the Dietary Supplements field. This also gives them a significant advantage over competitors who simply don’t offer this high product volume.

Every product sold is fully branded with highly professional labeling and marketing collateral … they are not generic offerings. The company initially spent time analyzing customer trends to determine which products were in the highest demand. That included following relevant keywords in their searches and figuring out what products were facing a gap in the market that they could fill.

That included supplements targeted to address specific nutritional and lifestyle concerns that people were searching for, such as digestive wellness, high blood pressure, immune support and cardiovascular health. Each of their custom formulas was designed to meet one or more of these specific customer needs and give them relief from the issues ailing them. It worked.

That research enabled the company to provide customers with the best possible dietary supplements on the market today. Their research showed that competitors were only offering certain types of products in powder form, giving them the option of making those supplements available in pill form instead.

Their research has continued. With 70+ products to offer, the company conducted a cost analysis prior to the development of each one to determine which SKUs were worth investing in.

Those products were also developed after careful customer research asking for their feedback on existing products and what new ones they wanted. Both studies were instrumental in helping the company launch a wave of innovative SKUs that had a readymade audience, including supplements to enhance moods, nerve and muscle support, and much more.

They have a strong sales platform on Amazon. While the company markets products from its Shopify website, their Amazon storefront has provided them with plenty of advantages that have helped to make it their main sales channel.

Some of their products have been ranked by Amazon as a No. 1 Best Seller and there are no direct competing products that come anywhere close to their sales volume in these categories. The stability of their products is very strong. The top-selling products are now receiving 200+ orders per day.

Fulfillment By Amazon is used to ensure fast delivery and shipment times, and they sell their products through Prime 1- or 2-Day Free Shipping for Amazon Members. It’s no surprise that this brand has built up a highly diverse customer base in the past 8 years. Their largest percentage of buyers, about 24%, are between the ages of 55-64, but an additional 21% are close behind at ages 45 to 55.

Another 14% are in the 35- to 44-year-old age group, with customers below age 34 at 10%. One thing their customers do share is plenty of disposable income to spend on meeting their daily nutritional needs and addressing their health concerns. These customers average anywhere between $50,000 and $149,000 in annual income, a very profitable demographic to appeal to.

This industry is an easy one to scale. The global supplements industry is a tremendously lucrative one, projected to reach $230 million by 2027, an 8% growth rate. Marketing is a key to that. This company benefits from an SEO program that uses popular keywords in their product descriptions, which ensures people find their SKUs in search engines. PPC ads on Amazon and Google are also driving sales higher.

This company is in the ideal position to scale fast, including by adding more formats for their supplements, such as gummies, liquids, or powders.

The company could also launch an international expansion on Amazon’s foreign platforms, such as Amazon Canada and across the European Union.

Their additional strengths include a team of highly experienced employees, including a general manager, customer service manager, marketing and data analyst, and two full-time assistants. That gives the buyer a very turn-key operation where their focus can be on scaling the business as needed. A buyer can also take advantage of the company’s strong recurring revenues and massive customer base.

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Asking Price
$ 5,250,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,395,934
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$ 4,935,101
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