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Nutritional Supplements eCommerce Brand – Amazon FBA – 160+ SKUs – 38% of Sales are Subscribing Customers


Website Closers® presents a seasoned leader in the Nutritional Supplements market. This 8-year-old private label eCommerce Business grew popular thanks to its well-researched products for customers looking to improve their health, and a carefully thought out marketing campaign to broadcast the brand to as many consumers as possible. They’ve achieved fantastic growth in the past few years, with their top product receiving over 200 daily orders alone, and their product line having an Average Order Value of $23. The global surge of interest towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle has been excellent for the brand’s success, and their 160+ SKUs lets them appeal to a large number demands in various subcategories within the Dietary Supplements Vertical – very few competitors in this space have the volume of offerings as this company does – and the business is set to release a large number of additional SKUs again this year.

R&D & Custom Formulas. The company’s branded products are targeted towards a variety of nutritional and lifestyle concerns, from digestive wellness and immune support to cardiovascular health and blood pressure. The products are made and manufactured in the US, and use custom formulas designed to fit their customer’s needs.

To supply customers with the best possible dietary supplements, the company analyzed consumer trends to determine which products were in high demand, relevant keywords, and gaps in the market that needed to be filled. They also closely studied their competitors, taking into account what they were and weren’t selling. For instance, the company realized that competitors were only offering certain types of products in powder form, so they began making pill versions of these popular SKUs.

Their work didn’t stop there, though. They went on to do a cost analysis to determine what products were worth investing in and ran customer research to ask their consumer base for feedback. This led to the company developing a new wave of SKUs, such as supplements to enhance moods, nerve and muscle support, and much more. Even today, they have recently released 10 new products to Amazon, and have 15 more in development that will further diversify their SKUs.

The results speak for themselves. The company sells from its Shopify website and on Amazon, and while both have plenty of five-star reviews and enthusiastic praise, it’s their Amazon storefront that has become their main sales channel to date. They’ve achieved the coveted 100% Positive Customer Rating based off over 1,300 reviews on their Amazon Account. They have built a highly diverse customer base over the years. While their largest percentage of buyers, about 24%, are in the age range of 55 to 64, 45- to 55-year-olds don’t trail that far behind, making up 21%. They’re then followed by the 35- to 44-year-old age group at 14%, and customers below 34 at 10%. These customers average anywhere between 50,000 USD to 149,000 USD, making for a fairly profitable customer base.

The company utilizes Fulfillment By Amazon to ensure fast delivery and shipment times and sell their products Prime 1- or 2-Day Free Shipping for Amazon Members. Additionally, they offer their products within Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program, which has proven to be astonishingly beneficial for the brand. In the past few years, subscribers have made up 30% of Sales, with that number rising to 38% in the last several months. This goes to show that a growing number of customers opt to keep buying from the brand after trying it out, significantly raising their Repeat Order Rate and increasing the lifetime value of their average customer.

The strength of the global supplements market is only one of the many factors behind the company’s recent surge in size. The market hit its highest growth point in over two decades in 2020, with a 12.1% increase in profits. It’s currently valued at about 14.29 billion USD and is projected to reach 230 billion USD by 2027 at a CAGR of 8%. One of the biggest factors behind their rise is their excellent marketing tactics and attention to detail in their ads. They implement a smart SEO strategy in their product descriptions, ensuring that their products appear more often in search results for people interested in working on their health. They also implemented paid media on Amazon through Sponsored Ads, taking advantage of the platform’s colossal user base and leading to their current popularity on it. Their high rate of customer satisfaction also means that buyers are likely to advertise through word-of-mouth, serving as a steady source of organic traffic.

Their already superb advertising tactics can be improved upon, however. They could, for instance, start up an email marketing campaign, and create accounts on social media websites like Facebook and Instagram. Both would add more streams of organic traffic, increasing their customer base and encouraging them to make regular purchases from the business.

They could also run PPC ads on Google and Facebook to direct attention towards their Shopify website and strengthen the diversity of their sales channels.

The business has a plethora of other scale opportunities at its disposal. While their capsule products have been wildly popular, they could see a great increase in profits by adding more well-liked formats for their supplements, like gummies, liquids, or even powders.

International expansion would also be worth considering, as it would open up sales from a far larger consumer base than it reaches at the moment. Amazon’s international platforms, such as Amazon Canada and Europe, would be a wonderful starting point for this, given the success and strong reputation they’ve attained on its US storefront.

The business is able to go as strong as it does thanks to its team of highly experienced employees. These workers include a general manager, a customer service manager, a marketing and data analyst, and two full-time assistants. A buyer will find that operations are incredibly turn-key as a result, taking away some of the pressure of adapting to management, and allowing them to either maintain the company as is, or work to scale it to suit their preferences.

This offering is one that’s astoundingly lucrative and given how far it’s skyrocketed in the past couple of years, it’s a safe bet that it’ll shoot even higher. It can be maintained as is for steady growth and revenue, or, if purchased by a knowledgeable buyer, propelled to a borderline unimaginable size. Contact Website Closers today if you’d like to own this star player in the nutritional supplements industry.

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$ 1,395,934
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$ 4,935,101
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