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Nutritional Supplements eCommerce Company – Men & Women Focused – Off Amazon Sales Channels – 34% Repeat Order Rate


Website Closers® presents a high revenue generating, Off Amazon Supplements Company that has an impressive 16 eCommerce sites, all successfully marketing an array of Dietary, Fitness, and Health Supplements for both Men and Women. It has taken this company just 6 years to achieve phenomenal sales results with strong projections in place for 2021 and 2022. With 100% of the company’s core brands created and developed in-house, this company has experienced phenomenal success with its exclusive line of men’s health supplements that have drawn heavy praise from customers while running up tremendous earnings. Sales are strong with more than 1,500 packages shipped daily, and a whopping 34% of current orders come from repeat customers.

The Company generates revenue from dietary supplements, upsell products, white-labeled products, publisher commissions, data monetization, and collections. The Company’s unique selling point is its efficient performance marketing sales model (continuity) and established reseller network to process sales. This Reseller Network would be highly beneficial to another operator already in the Supplements Space, especially one that is primarily focused on marketplace sales (Amazon). This Network would allow another Supplements Company looking to expand off of Amazon an immediately opportunity through operational synergies.

The company carries multiple brands that are focused on the men’s health niche, which is a particularly prosperous one. Health items for men have become a multibillion-dollar growth industry. With a fast-growing line of products designed to boost men in a host of ways, this company has become a leader in this exploding niche.

This sale is ideal for someone who wants to take full advantage of this company’s rapid success across so many distinctive and specialized websites and use their infrastructure and existing network relationships to grow sales volume at a stunningly high-speed. Scale opportunities include expanding onto other popular eCommerce websites such as Amazon, introducing the company’s first SEO and social media marketing campaigns, and creating new brands to add to the existing line of SKUs.

Whichever direction a buyer decides to take this company, it is an already established and enviable industry leader with an astonishing foundation perfectly suited for growth.

This company was formed 6 years ago to market a series of dietary supplements focusing on men and their physical needs, with products that include male enhancements, muscle performance, weight loss, and cognitive enhancements. The company expanded to digital upsell programs, including a discount rewards savings program and an e-health tracker app. They have a Members Only Discount Program where members can enjoy savings of up to 50% on more than 700+ national brands, with savings offered on dining, shopping, health, and wellness options. This program now has more than 35,000 members and has experienced steady and healthy profits for years. The e-health tracker app helps users track calories, exercise goals, and the effectiveness of the supplements they are taking. It’s also popular because it encourages users to stick to their supplement regiment.

The company initially focused on the men’s health niche, which still represents the largest share of the company’s sales volume and has given them a continuously expanding customer base. In 2020 the brand expanded into the field of CBD supplements designed to boost the immune system, relieve chronic pain, and reduce anxiety and stress. These products have quickly become one of the company’s top sellers.

All offers are available as continuity products through performance-based affiliate networks.  Once a customer signs up for the offer, they are presented with additional upsell products that are white labeled, and which provide the company with significantly enhanced profit margins.

This subscription-based model charges $9 for the average order and then subscriptions averaging $129 per month. A typical customer is interested in a “try before you buy” situation for a dietary supplement designed to help them with issues such as muscle growth, weight loss, body modifications, and mental acuity.  They have so far had a tremendous 530,711 trial orders, which have resulted in 805,000+ total orders.

Sales have been strong year-round, and seasonality is not a factor. The company uses a 100% dropship model and ships more than 1,500 packages per day. Their inventory turnover is around 60,000 units per month. The vast majority of supplements companies have to manage inventory and working capital to buy inventory, especially as the company scales. This company has no working capital constraints associated with inventory – this won’t be necessary until the products are expanded to marketplaces where logistics like Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) would require inventory to be stocked on hand for 1-2 day delivery.

The company’s marketing plan has focused entirely on a Cost per Action (CPA) network, and they collaborate with 7 CPA networks for affiliate-generated sales. This has worked exceptionally well, with their websites now receives 1.5 million average monthly visits.

There are plenty of clear and proven methods to scale this already immensely successful business. The company sells only on its 16 websites but could expand onto other popular eCommerce sites, including Amazon,, Vitamin Shoppe, iHerb and eBay. Amazon in particular could be used to expand subscription sales internationally, utilizing platforms such as Amazon Canada, Amazon U.K. and Amazon’s European sites.

The company could also introduce proven digital marketing techniques to expand its already sizeable customer base, including the use of social media marketing on popular sites such as Facebook and Instagram, video marketing on channels such as YouTube and TikTok. The launching of an SEO program that includes an educational blog about men’s health, fitness tips, and more may take their revenue to a whole new level.

And of course – launching new products and offers is an easy way to expand, especially given that the products are drop shipped requiring zero up front risk that the products might fail to sell.

The current owner now spends 40 hours per week running this business, with primary tasks that include meeting with designers, developers, and traffic partners; monitoring sales volume; revenue management; and loading new offers and new merchant accounts. The owner employs eight independent contractors, including an assistant, CFO, senior designer, junior designer, developer, and two call center managers.

The team now handles about 1,500+ customer service contacts each day.

This offer provides an unprecedented opportunity for any capable buyer. Instead of one thriving eCommerce site, the buyer is able to take the reins of 16 red-hot sites, courtesy of a phenomenally successful system that has drawn rave reviews from customers.

Men’s health products remain a billion-dollar industry across the globe, and the company has also seen sales rise rapidly on its CBD supplements and women’s fitness as well. Scale opportunities are numerous and easy to accomplish, including expanding sales onto sites such as Amazon, employing advanced digital marketing techniques, and introducing new brands to the current SKUs.

This acquisition is a long-standing conglomerate of brands that is generating unrivaled revenues on well-established products, while still retaining the ability to scale exponentially in the coming years.

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