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Off-Road Auto Parts & Accessories eCommerce Brand – Sales up 17% Since 2021 – Some Proprietary & Branded Products – Strong Social Following

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Website Closers® presents an Auto Parts and Accessories company that successfully set out to fill a void in this market, providing high-performance parts for the off-road segment, including trucks, SUVs, and all-terrain vehicles. In the past decade, this company has become the premier provider of off-road parts and accessories, appealing to a wide selection of truck enthusiasts eager to leave the city streets behind and get out into an area that really tests the strength of their offroad vehicle.

While the company maintains a storefront in Brockton, Mass., where they also offer installation services, their sales are largely conducted online. They enjoy recurring revenues from a loyal customer base and a high Average Order Value of $1,265. Their success with truck enthusiasts has enabled the company to expand to a whopping 60,000+ SKUs, and they are now fulfilling 50 orders per day as they continue appealing to customers who love their vehicles and the great outdoors, a very strong combination. The company also appeals to Do-ItYourself enthusiasts who want the parts to enhance the performance of their offroad vehicles.

While the Automotive Parts and Accessories market is a highly profitable one in a nation where 90% of households own at least one car, targeting their SKUs to off-road vehicles has been a boon for them. In addition to their lengthy list of products suitable for these vehicles, the company has excelled at first-rate customer service that includes providing expert assistance with instructions on how to install their products. It’s become a winning combination for their customers, who are providing the company with plenty of glowing 5 Star reviews.

Their focus on higher-margin retailer sales has been very profitable for them, while also enabling the company to expand beyond the B2C customer base and attract wholesale accounts as well.

The Global Off-Road Vehicle market is soaring today, worth $12 billion and projected to grow by 7.3%. Off-road vehicles are popular because they’re designed to operate not only on public roads but also rough terrain, with characteristics that include open treads and large tires with deep suspension. Offroad vehicles have a wide range of applications today, and the industry is introducing plenty of innovations to these vehicles. The customer base for this vertical continues expanding due to the popularity of overlanding or getting off the beaten path to explore interesting and unique places, from deserts to rocky terrain. The Overlanding is anything with four-wheel drive and high clearance, including a lifted jeep, pickup, or SUV.

As this market grows, so does the customer base for this brand, with also has some enviable scale opportunities after a decade of attracting a devoted customer base.

Launched in 2013, the company has successfully marketed products geared to the off-road, camping, and Overlanding segment of the auto accessories market, providing upgraded suspension, LED off-road lighting, truck bed accessories, rooftop tents and truck bed canopies, among many other SKUs, to their outdoors-loving buyers. Their SKUs include numerous branded products.

While sales remain steady throughout the year, revenues soar from late spring through the summer months, and November and December are also peak months for them. While the bulk of their sales come from men, a growing 15% are now from women. The company enjoys sales from customers between the ages of 18 and 65, with the largest percentage being between the ages of 25 and 44. Their Repeat Customer Rate is 8% and growing.

The company also has 10 wholesale customers.

The company sources its products from dozens of manufacturers and wholesale distributors, and they stock inventory in their 10,000-square-foot warehouse that also serves as a retail store location in Massachusetts.

Orders come in so quickly that the company places new inventory orders multiple times per week from various suppliers, and they maintain on average $1.2 million in inventory.

Operations are handled by an experienced team that includes three employees who handle order fulfillment, warehousing and customer service, an operations manager, three working full-time in sales, a social media manager and a bookkeeper. Management of their SEO program and their software development is outsourced.

The current ownership focuses on a host of tasks, including overseeing accounting, operations, personal, vendor relationships, and product data.

Sales are driven by a multifaceted approach to digital marketing that continues to attract newcomers to their eCommerce site. That includes PPC ads run on Google and Facebook, an email marketing campaign directed to the 50,000+ subscribers in their database, and social media marketing.

That company has done exceptionally well on social media, attracting 62,000+ Instagram followers and an additional 29,000+ on Facebook, while their videos posted on YouTube have attracted a whopping 560,000+ views. The company posts original and engaging content up to four times a day and participates in community forums on social media sites that are related to vehicle performance discussions.

Their SEO program focuses on on-site optimization, off-site link building and well-researched and informative blog articles, managed by an experienced digital marketing agency. These tactics are working to drive high levels of organic traffic to their website. The company now is getting 100,000+ unique monthly visitors to their site.

This is a high-volume eCommerce site that has demonstrated its appeal to a profitable niche space, and the company has enjoyed consistent year-over-year growth without exception. They maintain a high-performing website that functions well as they sell in-house branded, higher-margin products. The company also operates in a lucrative field this continues to grow at an exponential rate, as more customers get comfortable with buying auto parts online, demonstrating the passion they have for their vehicles.

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Website Closers

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Asking Price
$ 3,749,000
Cash Flow
$ 608,423
Gross Income
$ 14,860,099
Year Established

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