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Omnichannel eCommerce Brand | Aluminum Composite Wall Art | 15% Repeat Order Rate | 500+ Designs in Place | 60,000 Monthly Uniques | $130 AOV

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Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Brand that offers consumers Custom Metal Art Signs via their branded Website (built on the Shopify Platform),, and All of their Premium Wall Art Designs are exclusively made just for this brand. Their 500+ designs, which are made from aluminum composite, add a classy and sophisticated touch to living spaces that their customers adore.

Their products are manufactured from recycled content, giving them an eco-friendly status that has been a hit among consumers who have become progressively more aware of their impact on the environment. This factor, along with the strong aesthetic appeal of their designs, has led to them having an Average Order Value (AOV) of $130 and a Repeat Order Rate of 15%. Additionally, as their SKUs are 100% made-on-demand and sold exclusively under their brand, they have been able to foster a sense of brand recognition and loyalty among their customers, strengthening their reputation.

As noted above, their wall art designs are sold across a diverse range of channels. The company’s official website is currently the most successful and is responsible for 85% of their total revenue. The company’s omnichannel approach makes their product accessible to a larger number of customers, giving them an edge over companies that limit themselves to just one. There is a tremendous amount of opportunity for a buyer to further expand the product lines on the channels it is already present on, not to mention additional channels it can move into.

Business Broker Takeaways

  1. Domestic Supply Chain. The brand’s SKUs are all made exclusively in the US, then handled through a domestic end-to-end supply chain. By keeping their supply chain entirely in the US, they can avoid many of the hurdles that would come about from sourcing overseas and achieve a smoother shipment process. They ship roughly 100 orders every day from their 3,000 square foot warehouse and maintain an average of 2 to 3 months’ worth of inventory. New inventory orders are placed roughly 3 to 4 times every
  2. Diverse Marketing Strategies. The company blends paid and organic marketing tactics in their ad campaign, which have paid off in the form of their average monthly visitor rate of 60,000. They work with a marketing agency to run paid ads on Meta and Google, post designs on social media, use CRM through email and SMS, and utilize SEO strategies that incorporate their website’s blog. Their PPC ads have been the biggest source of sales thus far at 70%, with the rest being organic.
  3. Polished Operations. They have a capable team in place responsible for tending to the brand’s day-to-day operations, with this team being expected to transfer alongside the acquisition. The company’s team includes a warehouse manager, a machinist, a packer, a customer service representative, and a designer. Their work has ensured that the current owners require only 10 hours per week to run the business and handle their key responsibilities.

These tasks include supply management, taking care of the payroll, reporting & standing
meeting with the marketing team, making approvals when needed, and exploring growthbased opportunities.

Scale Opportunities

There are a variety of methods a buyer could use to scale the brand higher up the wall of growth. One promising strategy they could adopt would be to invest more time and resources in their existing digital marketing tactics.

The success of their paid marketing indicates that they could benefit from improving their Meta and Google Ads. Alternatively, they could choose to focus on their organic traffic by adding to their SEO strategy and social media marketing. TikTok and YouTube shorts would both be excellent marketing methods to explore, as if an ad manages to go viral, their organic traffic could skyrocket.

The brand could also utilize their loyal consumer base by establishing an affiliate marketing program, which would encourage customers to recommend the company’s products to their loved ones and peers.They could then supplement this with a link building campaign.

Outside of marketing strategies, a buyer could consider expanding to additional marketplaces like Walmart, or go further and explore the global market. Given that the brand already sells through Amazon, they could more easily pursue international expansion using Amazon’s global storefronts, then fuel their growth by adding new products like additional varieties of custom designs.


This acquisition is built upon a sturdy foundation. They boast a customer base dedicated to their products and excellent customer service, streamlined operations, and potential that can be used to cement them as a potential leader in their niche. The current owners are interested in ensuring that the transition and handoff process goes as smoothly as possible, which will help the buyer ease into their new responsibilities and into the work of scaling the brand.

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WC 3353

Asking Price
$ 1,200,000
Cash Flow
$ 306,480
Gross Income
$ 1,800,366
Year Established

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