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The target is an eCommerce On-Demand Provider of Custom Scholarly Content catering to both students and professionals alike, delivering custom-crafted services ranging from a la carte essays, research papers, case studies and resumes to dissertation services at the PhD level, and even enterprise level presentation content. An in-house team of sales reps and quality control employees make use of on-demand content contractors spread across numerous fields of specialty to provide clients with high quality results on a shift basis, doing business twenty-four hours a day to capture maximum market share. In addition to specific materials production, this business offers professional services to handle Online Coursework, case study analysis, research data collation, and more, doing all the heavy lifting for the academic or professional client in every way. These services are purchased individually as needed, seeing an a highly desirable $150 average ticket – many services are same-day and depending on the grade of material ordered, can run between $32 to $65 per day per customer. With no contractual commitment for its customers, this platform sees a 90% customer repeat base, established very well thanks to word of mouth, and an outstanding quality assurance program.

Seeing almost 100 unique visitors to its website daily, this content platform is realizing tremendous userbase growth – Since inception, this freelancing business has made a name for itself in the space, seeing an average customer LTV of between $40,000-$50,000 over the span of roughly 4-5 years – this is a hugely desirable metric, regardless of segment or vertical. This high demand service only continues to grow in demand as the college student and fast-moving professional both ask more of every hour of the day in terms of productivity – this is a market with almost no end in sight in terms of growth potential.

Currently based in Canada, this business’ completely digital platform means it can cater to literally any market, anywhere – and thanks to a contractor-based, on-demand supplier model, expansion into additional non-English-speaker markets is only a matter of investment. Ownership currently spends less than 10 hours a week overseeing digital operations, making this a completely portable opportunity to operate a highly streamlined, digital profit center almost anywhere in the world.

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Asking Price
$ 299,000
Cash Flow
$ 105,387
Gross Income
$ 492,828
Year Established

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