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High Growth, 10 Year Old Ad Agency with 90% Recurring Revenue Stream

This online advertising agency was originally launched in 2004. With over a decade of experience in the digital advertising space, the company has become a powerhouse in the online advertising industry. Year over year, the company has continued to grow its network of traffic by strategically selecting top publishers that are currently bringing in just under 20 Million Impressions per Day. This number continues to
grow monthly.

The network is served via big brand advertisers, many of which have continued with the company for a number of years due to the company’s well known proclivity for high quality traffic. The company’s network of advertisers and publishers continues to grow, bringing in a consistent rate of revenue growth year over year.

This tremendously profitable business is positioned to reach $4 million in
revenue in 2016 at its current run rate. With a Net Income margin of 55%, this business has strong economic fundamentals and a great deal of cash flow to scale at will.

The ownership of the company is dedicated to seeing the business sold to the right group or entity and will ensure a seamless transition to new ownership. Business operations can be trained in a short amount of time. Ownership sees an opportunity for a buyer to come in and ramp up sales and marketing in order to grow sales, advertisers and publishers with a very large upside available to the right buyer. Virtually no external, out-of-network marketing of any kind has been done with respect to this ad network.

This business offering is highly confidential – please contact us for further information.

Asking Price
$ 7,600,000
Gross Income
$ 3,301,756
Year Established

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