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Online B2B Lead Generation Company for the Financial and other High Ticket Sectors – Experts at LinkedIn Lead Gen


Website Closers presents a lucrative online lead generation service company focused on providing a number of innovative services to high-ticket target markets. Among their services, this company offers appointment scheduling, LinkedIn optimization, investment pursuit, and top tier recruiting. With an average contract length of 5 months, this strategic approach to difficulties normally present with respect to lead acquisition has a solid platform in place to build from.

Having seen a tremendous development of the company since inception and having acquired a number of the best and most well-established financial firms in the world as clients, the company is primed and ready for scale. To drive additional profits and create an expanded customer base, this business’ service offering can transcend the financial management sector and translate well into other high-ticket sectors, such as medicine and law … or it could be tailored to benefit a number of other appointment-based client acquisition channels, such as marketing agencies, business coaches, consultants, and recruiters.

Offering a range of services, the essence of this company’s magic lies in their ability to gather market qualified leads via LinkedIn automation, advertising, and email marketing. The company’s experienced team members then guides prospective customers through an initial conversion pipeline, resulting in a steady stream of new clients converting at each impactful touchpoint. At present, ownership spends a full 40-hour work week on overseeing sales representatives and account managers as well as pitching to warm leads from their sales team but recognizes that these tasks could easily be delegated to a managerial virtual assistant or with the acquisition of a sales director.

To facilitate the daily management of the business, a robust team of independent contractors has been brought in to work on either the senior operations team or the account management team. The senior operations team is responsible for higher level client relationship building, such as bi-weekly client check ins, new client onboarding, and client invoicing. Additionally, the company’s senior operations team is responsible for software management, data uploads, weekly reports, and system optimization. To support the senior operations team, the account management team is tasked with actively engaging the clients, creating deliverables, and responding to any customer concerns. As it stands, the business is incredibly easy to operate and with a highly qualified team of experts, the buyer could expect a seamless transfer of ownership after the sale.

To fully capitalize on the company’s impressive achievements, new ownership could easily leverage the business’ own strategies to drive new sales from LinkedIn and Google, strengthen the business’ existing Facebook and Twitter presence, implement search engine optimization strategies and PPC advertising initiatives, partner with influencers, and even expand into international markets. A unique opportunity to create a marketplace that facilitates merger and acquisition deals between retiring advisors and active advisors is also an extremely lucrative opportunity for this business.

Furthermore, by utilizing a newly redesigned website that garners almost 6,000 visitors each month, an existing list of over 1,000 well-nurtured, qualified leads and leveraging the company’s existing LinkedIn stronghold, new ownership could market the company’s proven lead acquisition strategies throughout adjacent verticals in an effort to expand into untapped revenue streams and generate additional profits.

Having been recognized by NBC News, ABC News, Market Watch, and Financial Advisor Magazine, this high-value target comes complete with a solid foundation for any buyer looking to get into this space. With a diverse service offering, a demonstrated track record of results, and a plethora of scaling opportunities, this company is a great investment. Whether the new buyer is content with the company’s existing profit potential or hands on and ambitious for new revenue streams, this is an unrivaled acquisition with the promise of limitless growth.

This Online Lead Gen Company Represented by:

Technology, Website & Internet Business Brokers

Listing ID: WC2335

Asking Price
$ 410,000
Cash Flow
$ 138,497
Gross Income
$ 315,588
Year Established