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SBA Pre-Approved Online eLearning Program – Focused on Coaching & Professional Development – 200 Active Clients – $6,000 Average Contract Value – 25% Repeat Order Rate


Website Closers® presents an Online eLearning Company with Online Learning Programs designed to help coaches start their businesses and scale. The program’s success rates are some of the highest in the industry and have been developed after 12 years of experience. Industry experience, an ultra-high quality client experience, and consistent, superior results complimented by the unique step-by-step framework make competition with the program difficult.

The company offers many different service levels. All course material is trademarked, and the flagship course, accounting for 65% of revenue, costs around $6,000 for 16 weeks. Monthly coaching, accounting for approximately 30% of revenue, is $1,000. It is based on a six or 12-month commitment, with many clients staying for years. The success of the programs keeps the churn rate low, and the brand enjoys a 25% repeat customer rate.

The business has achieved $1M+ in earnings for 3 consecutive years, with average revenue growth of 100% from 2020-2022. There are currently more than 200 active clients, with an average of 25-30 joining the flagship program each month. The typical customer is a startup, online coach. They may have a history in coaching or be new to the industry. Either way, they are either looking to get started online or have tried and aren’t gaining much traction. Their goal is to hit six figures as soon as possible, which can be attained in an average of 3-6 months by following the brand’s process.

The business has worked with people in various online coaching categories, including mindset, life, spiritual, finance, relationship, and business. While the wellness space is approximately 70% of existing revenue, management has pushed to expand beyond wellness in 2022 and is seeing great results. The main program is about offer creation, marketing, and sales for online coaching businesses, making it widely applicable to many industries. This presents enormous growth potential using a solid, proven framework.

A notable selling point of this company is the lack of fluctuation in sales. The business experiences no seasonality and enjoys year-round sales, which are growing prolifically.

Revenue and lead generation is social media focused, with additional methods including email marketing, referral programs, and some affiliate marketing. They all impact each other and create a powerful web of consistent lead generation, audience nurturing, and a wide variety of conversion opportunities.

Referrals from clients are incentivized with $450 in cash back, while an affiliate who refers clients each month takes $750 in commission. The ad spend is roughly $50,000 monthly and generates at least a double in return in the short term, with much more yielded over the long run.

The company makes use of its 20,000+ email database at least twice weekly. These are all opt-in from social media and a few other avenues. As a result, they are either past or present clients or highly viable prospects.

The owner spends 20 to 30 hours on the business weekly. Her primary tasks include marketing, sales, client support, and delivery.

Coaching can be entirely delegated to the talented team in place. The business has also started building an automated marketing funnel for monthly lead generation, and conversion delegated to a current team member.

Additional contractors include:

  • Two full-time coaches
  • Two part-time coaches
  • One part-time copywriter
  • One part-time marketing strategist
  • One part-time Facebook ads specialist

The business has grown substantially year-over-year, leveraging the initial growth strategy and constantly making minor improvements. The brand is continuously extending its audience and reach on social media, building the email list, and has now expanded into all types of online coaching. The pattern is focused on daily, weekly, and quarterly priorities.

The owner has developed the processes and strategy from personal business-building experience but has developed incredibly detailed SOPs and highly organized procedures. As a result, the knowledge can and has been transferred to others to teach. The processes are simple, repeatable, and produce consistent results.

It’s essential to the existing owner that the transition and sale go smoothly and are in the best interest of all parties, especially the clients. Subsequently, she is happy to stay in an extended consultancy role to ensure continued success.

An ideal buyer would be someone who genuinely cares about client success and impact as well as profits. Ideally, they would be strong in leadership and delegation while kind and decisive—a visionary who can see lots of opportunities to generate cash and someone who thinks creatively. Someone with coaching experience would be perfect.

This eLearning Company is Represented by:

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Asking Price
$ 6,650,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,806,216
Gross Income
$ 3,049,280
Year Established