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Online Employee Recruitment Consulting Firm – Proprietary Tech Stack Has Lead to Phenomenal Earnings Growth – 42% Net Margins – 350+ Managed Accounts

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Website Closers® presents a National Online Recruitment Consulting Agency that provides personalized, authentic outreach to businesses’ ideal candidates through targeted channels, directing interested candidates’ information straight to the client’s phone.


The company stands out for numerous reasons, particularly its innovative approaches in generating recruitment leads..

The team has achieved success by finding the most suitable recruits where they actually are as opposed to utilizing job boards like many competitors. Management’s focus on customized outreach means that the process is tailored based on the specifics of a business and the opportunity it is hiring for.

Additionally, recruitment lead notifications are delivered in real-time. Clients are notified the second a prospect has expressed interest in working for them, enabling them to make contact accordingly.

Finally, the owners are fastidious about sending comprehensive weekly reports highlighting key metrics, targets, and results.

Revenue Generation

The leading methods are through their Recruiting Masterclass, Corporate Consulting and 1on1 coaching for those in the recruiting industry. All of which is designed to assist their clients to streamline not only finding more recruits, but to ensure the targeting of higher caliber recruits. The Company’s unique approach to recruiting allows their clients to share in the success of the changing recruitment landscape by growing and fulfilling their own specific recruitment needs.

Workload & Team

The two owners dedicate approximately 10 hours weekly to the business. One is focused primarily on managing the sales team, while the other handles finances and operations.

Two key staff members are valuable assets:

One is an expert in recruiting and staffing sales organizations. She has over 13 years of direct sales, marketing, and recruiting consulting experience and has personally screened and interviewed over 4,000 applicants. She has also hired, trained, and launched more than 1,000 sales representatives throughout her career.

She brings the most value by working individually with her clients to help them shift their mindset and beliefs around recruiting and their organization’s potential, helping them better understand how to monitor the entire recruiting process from initial phone calls to training and onboarding.

The other is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in venture capital deals. He has worked in the private equity space, specializing in funding late-stage venture capital deals for accredited investors. Currently, as the face of the company, he empowers businesses with organic recruitment strategies to efficiently expand their teams with top-tier sales representatives. He sources, schedules, and closes sales for the company while also managing its setters.

His journey in sales and recruiting began at an industry-leading firm, where he recruited an impressive 10,000 representatives over eight years. During this time, he conceived and honed organic recruitment techniques that would later be adopted nationwide, resulting in the recruitment of over 40,000 sales reps annually. Further expertise extends to helping over 50 companies implement these proven methods, allowing them to prioritize quality over quantity in their recruitment efforts.

Marketing & Scale

The primary source of traffic referrals is via Instagram. By percentage, 70% is organic, 20% is inorganic, and 10% is referral.

Other efforts include posting regular content on a noteworthy online site and sending voice memos to prospects through DMs to start a conversation, leading them to schedule a call.

Significant potential exists to scale the business through additional marketing. Although events will always be a large source of revenue, advertising on a broader range of platforms and implementing email campaigns will allow this program to scale heavily.

Enticingly, few special skills are required of a buyer that the existing owners cannot teach them during the transition period. A basic understanding of psychology and comprehension is all that is necessary. Management has created detailed videos and SOPs to facilitate the process further.

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Technology, Internet & eCommerce Business Brokers

WC 3241

Asking Price
$ 1,200,000
Cash Flow
$ 300,025
Gross Income
$ 719,000
Year Established

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