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The target is a unique Online Finance Company that utilizes multiple eCommerce Websites to allow consumers to purchase Electronics and Appliances through an easy to use digital lending process. Consumers apply for credit through an online form, receive approval, shop and check out – all on the company’s websites. Most products can be picked up the same or next day at local big box retailers, including Best Buy.

This Internet Company has been established for over 5 years, catering to Subprime, lower-income consumer demographics looking to acquire big ticket electronics, appliances and white goods space products that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Products are purchased on a rental or lease-to-own purchase program whereby consumers take physical possession of the goods after the buying process, but not title or ownership until all payments are made.

A bank partnership is included with this acquisition, allowing for rapid loan funding and agile terms for customers who’ve applied for credit though one of the company’s websites. This diversified business offers over 500 SKUs with a $1,038 average ticket value – all this – and a customer retention rate of over 20%. This highly competitive rental/lease-to-own provider has achieved substantial YOY growth with little to no paid online marketing investment, and is a niche play to a broad low-income demographic often left as a missed opportunity. With the lending partnership already in place, as well as a proven marketing concept to consumers, this business can be scaled to virtually any online product or service.

And besides appliances, this business also smartly picks up on a most salient trend in the smartphone cellphone space – every big brand cellular service provider is now financing new phone purchases into service plans due to rising core SKU costs across the board. This company helps consumers through that process to acquire a phone of their choice by paying for it over time.

This business is a unique opportunity in the CE and appliances space given that no warehouse and no overhead is necessary for normal business operations – thanks to same day nationwide pickup for most products at the big box stores that carry these products. Those items that are not picked up are shipped directly from the retailer themselves to the customer. With a light workload asked of ownership, little prior knowledge is necessary to step right in on Day 1.

In terms of scale, this platform offers a plethora of avenues, whether ownership decides to expand paid advertising and marketing, move into additional consumer product categories, launch successful social media campaigns, or tap into email marketing (includes a contact list of over 40,000 opt-in emails). This eCommerce Company is very nearly in a space all its own, punches well above its weight versus the competition, and is already a well-oiled machine fit for smooth transition to almost any buyer.

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Asking Price
$ 625,000
Cash Flow
$ 154,027
Gross Income
$ 1,161,877
Year Established

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