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Online & In-Person Music Lesson Business – 10 Years of History – Great Opportunity for Franchising


This target is an innovative offering is a fully established music lesson provider both online and in person. This 10-year-old company operates through a powerful web platform that drives engagement as well as brand awareness. An impactful business, this company holds a 99% retention rate, teaching children, teens, and adults alike the joys and skills of music creation. With a strong focus on providing private, high-end music lessons, this promising offering creates a foundation for music lessons anywhere, anytime. This is the key to the company’s amazing success, anyone can learn from their homes, in a studio, or anywhere with internet connection. Leveraging an unimaginable effective recurring revenue model along with its limitless scaling opportunities, this opportunity will be an invaluable investment for any capable new buyer.

The current pandemic has been a powerful driver for growing this business. With an already operating online music lesson system, this offering has become increasingly popular throughout this difficult time. In addition to this company’s 99% retention rate, the incredible growth of this offering is sure to last the test of time. A great way to enrich anyone’s life during this stressful and monotonous time, digital music lessons have become a go-to strategy for both continued education as well as strategic planning of a more interesting and effective day.

Not only online, this innovative offering provides in home piano, voice, guitar, bass ukulele, drum, violin, and cello musical instruction. Carrying a streamlined, low-cost, plug and play business model, this opportunity has limitless earning potential. The average client within this market consists of an affluent clientele who value private music education for their children. With a proven concept and amazing results, this company is an easy to run business with immense opportunity to scale such as franchising and extended market outreach.

This offering is a perfect fit for any new owner. With the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world, no need for an expensive storefront or supplies and a simple framework for rapid scaling; this is a company that anyone can truly make their own. Due to their fully established digital; services, this business can easily expand their reach as well as consumer base through widespread marketing efforts. An unparalleled opportunity, this business has a solid model of both growth and retention that creates the core of their limitless potential. An impactful set and forget subscription business, this company delivers unimaginable returns with minimal oversight needed from the owner.

Within this company’s current, relatively small, area of concentration, they carry an average new customer rate of 8-15 a month. This company is showing significant growth, incredible repeat purchase behaviors, and vast opportunities for rapid scaling. From enhanced marketing methods and additional SEO initiatives all the way to franchising and expanding into instrument rental, there are plenty of ways to expand this offering for unimaginable returns. The current ownership has even begun laying the groundwork for national chain expansion which will be invaluable to a new buyer.

This business has strong word of mouth growth, impressive retention rates, and a fully scalable framework that is strategically designed for lasting success. With infinite paths to expansion along with an ever-increasing client list, this company is an amazing opportunity for any business-minded entrepreneur. A largely hands-off investment, this is a firm that is both successful and flexible. It can be scaled or simply maintained to bring in fantastic returns on your timelines. A truly incredible opportunity, this is one offering you do not want to miss out on.

This Online Music Business Represented by:

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Listing ID:  WC2098

Asking Price
$ 325,000
Cash Flow
$ 84,666
Gross Income
$ 210,409
Year Established