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Online Innovative Reseller of Undeveloped and Unmaintained Land – Land Liquidation at a YOY Growth Rate of 107%


Website Closers® presents a uniquely recession resilient Real Estate company with practically zero owner involvement. This innovative online business has, for almost 4 years, effectively sold undeveloped or unmaintained land for impressively low prices. Specializing in land zoned for residential development, this land liquidation company generates impressive Gross Profit Margins  and carries a YOY Growth Rate of 107% along with an Average Order Value of $645. A dynamic offering, this company has shown incredible scale to date.

Offering their services only on their own website, this company could be additionally scaled through improved SEO tactics, the addition of a blog, as well as social media engagement. Thought leadership and digital communities are exceedingly popular in the DIY and Home Building verticals. Additionally, increasing the area in which this business provides land buying opportunities would grow the business. Leveraging this powerful business model, a new owner could also develop effective relationships with real estate developers, contractors, and other service providers within this vertical in order to create a lucrative referral system. With boundless opportunities to scale and a remarkable existing framework this company is sure to bring lasting success to any buyer.

This company liquidates underdeveloped and un-cared-for land and buildings, negotiating land deals in bulk and for jaw-droppingly low prices. They do not develop the land themselves but sell it to investors, allowing for a quick return on investment.

This company has many workload options. A new owner could easily put in little to no time and effort and see their investment flourish, while a more active buyer can speed up the growth process through effective oversight and strategy implementation. The current ownership spends exceedingly little time each week checking on operational concerns and overseeing the team.

At the moment, this company has 5 team members who each work as part-time remote sub-contractors, except for one full-time partner.  All sub-contractors are paid on a as-needed basis.

Sales – one partner who sells full time. He is compensated through partner disbursements and not as a fixed payroll expense.  A buyer or other sales person could easily take over this role.

Title Agency – Subcontracted service that handles notary, deed delivery, addressing issues with deeds, etc.

Administrative Assistant – Subcontracted service handling mail, paperwork, website inventory, assigning listings to sales, responding to offers, marking properties as “sold”, and keeps all information current. This person is paid hourly and on a contract basis.  She will stay on with the new owner.

Purchasing Agent – makes purchase decisions, analyzes properties for acquisition.

Legal – handles general legal work and rare complaints.

This company’s incredible and rapid growth is due, in large part, to its niche offerings and dynamic operating model. By selling land with absolute minimal overhead and operating costs, this company is able to generate monumental organic interest based simply on their pricing and straight-forward practices alone.

Low hanging scale fruit includes the immediate expansion of the company’s service areas. This brand also carries unrivaled scaling potential when it comes to digital marketing initiatives such as social media engagement both on the organic and paid sides, SEO improvements, thought leadership and more. These paths to success, in addition to the development of partnerships with other industry services such as real estate agents, are sure to help the lucky new owner of this company find unrivaled success.

A solid foundation within a booming and reliable market, this opportunity is a solid investment with extraordinary potential for rapid and sustainable growth. With opportunities spanning digital marketing and purchase platforms all the way to extended regional offerings, the new owner of this company will stand to make a true splash within the undeveloped land industry. An unparalleled acquisition, this brand is ready to skyrocket in the hands of a capable new buyer.

This Real Estate eCommerce Business Represented by:

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Listing ID:  WC2145


Asking Price
$ 712,000
Cash Flow
$ 189,027
Gross Income
$ 280,353
Year Established