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Online Lead Generation Website in the Appliance Repair Sector – 30% Growth in 2023 – 300 to 500 Leads Daily – Minimal Daily Workload for Ownership


Website Closers® presents a growing Marketing Firm that has historically focused on providing Lead Generation Services for Appliance Repair Companies throughout the Nation.

The business has a strong reputation in the home improvement field as a top-rated Lead Generator for the Appliance Repair segment. They are experts in their field and a go-to marketing resource for appliance repair technicians … on par with Thumbtack and Home Advisor for lead generation in this industry.

As a boutique Lead Gen Firm, they have used a laser-guided approach to focus only on appliance repair. While the same strategies can be implemented in other segments with relative ease, for now the focus is on the growing appliance business where there continues to be a bevy of activity and opportunity. There is also an abundance of low hanging fruit in other, adjacent industries that a buyer can begin to work on within days of closing … all while enjoying the organic growth the company generates in appliance repair.

The company is now generating an average of 300-500 new leads and 35,000+ monthly visitors to their clients’ sales funnels. As their clients have watched their leads rapidly multiply, this agency’s own client base has blossomed as well, and is projected to grow by a whopping 30% by the end of 2023, which is their most profitable year yet.

As more and more local businesses come online and need ways to stay competitive, lead generation has become vital to finding prospective customers and growing in the age of online sales. While lead generation was traditionally dominated by print media, television, and radio prior to the Internet, it has gotten considerably more sophisticated in the Internet age. Since the pandemic resulted in a massive shift in consumer spending toward online sites, Tech and Internet companies have been shifting their sale strategies to digital lead sources, including social media, content development, and email marketing.

For many companies, that means learning different processes for nurturing leads. That’s why many of them are turning to expert lead generation agencies with a track record of success and customer testimonials to prove it.

This agency chose wisely to focus on one segment, which has grown rapidly in recent years as more families opt to remodel their homes. The Appliance Repair vertical has been thriving as well, and this company has demonstrated its value to clients operating within this field.

The Company

This company has done exceptionally well in attracting B2B clients, and their business model has enabled them to grow rapidly between 2021 and 2022.

To boost their own clients’ fortunes, the agency has become a noted specialists in lead generation tools that effectively advertise appliance repair services on Google and Bing through paid media. When a customer clicks on an ad, it takes them to the client’s website, and the customer is encouraged to call the phone number listed in the online ad or on the company’s website, then enter their zip code through an Interactive Voice Response. A live auction is then hosted with lead buyers, and the call is forwarded to the buyer ready to pay the highest amount to get it.

If the call lasts longer than the required duration, the business earns revenue from buyers. By using an IVR technology through a computer-operated telephone system, the company doesn’t need to provide customer support.

This brand monitors metrics through their analytics software, with each billable call becoming a lead conversion.  The company operates on an SEM platform where brands can place search ads that get displayed when users perform a search, and the PPC ads can be optimized for the client’s campaign.

This has proven to be a very successful lead generation model. Their clients get invoiced each month for billable calls and their SEM platforms charges the credit card for the clicks that got generated.  Their ad strategies have been proven effective in the past, and they have multiple ways to customize their campaigns.


This is a highly automated business, with very low overhead costs thanks to the way their lead generation tools are structured. Their system is so effectively streamlined and highly optimized that the current ownership maintains a very low workload, as low as one hour per week.

That workload includes managing operations, with primary tasks that focus on making campaign bid adjustments based on performance, researching new keywords, and analyzing which ads worked best. Few unique skills are needed to operate this agency, and the current owner is willing to stay on post-acquisition to help train the buyer and ensure this is a smooth transition.

The company’s reputation within the field of Appliance Repair has enabled them to benefit solidly from word-of-mouth referrals, and the company has excellent methods for scaling operations quickly.  One of the most likely for success would be to expand into additional home improvement categories, which would open up this company to a massive new client base.

This is a terrific opportunity for an investor to acquire a growing business that is providing steady recurring revenues and has some impressive growth opportunities. The buyer can take advantage of the agency’s fast-growing client base and excellent reputation within their vertical. With a minimal daily workload required of a new owner, this is a great way to generate passive income while focusing on the most effective ways to grow robustly.

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