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Online Magazine Network offering News & Information across 120+ Online Newsrooms – 85% Repeat Customer Rate – Large Social Following


Website Closers® presents a unique and highly specialized online Magazine Network that has built a platform that includes 100+ content websites. Within just 3 years, this brand has found enormous success selling sponsored news posts, banner ads, and content writing services to marketers and small business owners. Their clients are seeing incredible market reach, expansion, and profits.

This business is focused on helping small and medium sized businesses connect impactfully with online shoppers. Clients earn lucrative reach along with a highly effective online presence that this offering deftly crafts from scratch. While this company’s focus is on content creation, they also specialize in distributing that content throughout their growing network, helping to build leads for their clients through their proprietary websites.

Launched in 2018, business ownership has created a consistent flow of inbound leads from businesses and marketers looking for the kind of services they offer. The business has accumulated a list of hundreds of clients that they can email once they’ve acquired a new website, offering them exposure to it. That gives the company a steady revenue stream. Their clients have been satisfied with their services, since the company now enjoys a phenomenal 86% Customer Retention Rate. The business enjoys strong working relationships with more than 250+ current advertisers. In fact, relationships with their publishers and new site acquisitions have both contributed significantly to their growth.

This business is thriving at a time when programmatic advertising has become so important to business growth and development. Programmatic media buys now make up 85% of all digital ad spending in the U.S. and 80% in Europe.

At a time when it’s become harder than ever to effectively capture the attention of consumers in today’s digital world, and with millions of websites being viewed across a variety of digital channels, using separate platforms to advertise on different channels has become a way to gain a competitive edge.

Carrying solid partnerships and domain approvals with several top programmatic vendors, this brand has optimized both their effectiveness and their creative process. All their inventory is sold 100% programmatically to ensure the best possible rates and reach. They keep a minimum of 50% of all revenue from client ad spend and splits the revenue with publisher partners. When it comes to the sites they own, there are no expenses incurred from any content they publish on behalf of clients, this allows the business to keep 100% of those profits. The company now has eight consistent clients who pay a monthly fee for access to publish unlimited posts on each of their sites. These groups have remained paying customers for several years demonstrating a long history of compelling results.

Part of their success comes from efficient use of social media. In addition to their own Facebook account, the company has Facebook pages for each of the sites they own, with followings that range from just 26 to well over 47,200+. Altogether, these 20+ Facebook accounts have a following of more than 104,000+, a huge number to offer prospective clients. They have an even stronger presence on Twitter, where their total number of site accounts have 173,500+ followers, and on Pinterest, where the number of monthly views is a whopping 781,200+. These social media accounts have done an excellent job generating traffic for this company – and for their clients. Their 107 self-owned publishing websites now receive more than 1 million page views every month.

While 70% of gross revenues come from clients, an additional 25% is from subscriptions to these sites. And it helps that this business has no direct competitors who offer the same kinds of services across multiple websites. As additional resources, the company has a PayPal account with no holds or penalties that give the owner borrowing power of $150,000 at any time, and an AdSense account that has been in use since 2010.

There are many promising paths to lasting scalability, and to further develop as a solid brand leader within the digital publishing industry. A new owner could focus on increasing outbound lead generation by aggressively pushing out messages to their targeted audience to build up a large clientele. So far, the company has relied on its social media accounts to boost organic growth, however, they could bolster this practice through the addition of PPC ads on Facebook and Google to expand their reach even further and attract larger clients. Similarly, the company could work to add more publishers, which makes their services even more attractive to clients. The brand has already worked effectively with 26 publishers in the past two years.

Another strong focus could be on new site acquisitions, offering more exposure to those who take advantage of their services. The brand has the additional option of using their social media accounts to promote their own sites and to establish a larger name within the publishing industry and among those engaging in programmatic advertising.

As people shift increasingly towards shopping online, making purchases through social media accounts, and using their smartphones to find products and services; this company could continue to grow and take advantage of ever-emerging opportunities. There will always be new sites that could be added to their well-established network, and new agencies seeking the kind of services they provide. The fact that customers today can be most successfully found by seeking them out online means this promising business could continue to grow dramatically and reliably in the coming years.

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