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Online Medical Marijuana Card Processor – Over 6,000 Patients – Massive YOY Growth – $300 Average Lifetime Value of a Customer – Active in 15 States


Website Closers® presents a Telemedicine company that, through its website, provides customers with the necessary certificates for medical cannabis cards that needed for treatment. The company is riding the wave in the escalating field of medical marijuana treatment that is showing now signs of slowing.

This business is now a leader in the field of an industry that surpassed $60.9 billion in 2020 and is projected to grow by an additional 18.2% through 2027. The industry is increasingly booming due to the increased need for online patient management and a telecommunications network that can help reduce healthcare costs.

The owner started the business after having a bad experience with another company. He believes a big driver of success is due to his investment in world class customer service. Affordability is a key differentiating factor from competitors. Better prices are offered than other groups, and discounts for renewals encourage repeat business. If a client has limited income, they will be accommodated where possible.

Additionally, the service is incredibly convenient. Same-day appointments are usually available, and customers can get certified in 15 minutes or less. The business will even do the paperwork for patients, which many have praised.

Furthermore, many providers are medical marijuana patients themselves. They have extensive knowledge of the substance, its health benefits, and what is best for each patient.

The owner has done all the heavy lifting to get the business to where it is. Operations are highly automated and systemized. He works only 10 hours weekly, including seeing patients, which is optional for a new owner. His primary tasks include managing ads and changing the website copy.

An excellent EMR handles the administrative work and takes care of compliance, risk management, helps patients get to their appointments, and assists doctors finish paperwork, amongst other tasks. They are accustomed to medical marijuana patients and have been an excellent choice. The business has eight to ten contracted physicians and nurse practitioners managed by the EMR. A virtual assistant handles other administrative tasks.

The clinicians will see patients after receiving automated alerts from the scheduler. Usually, this happens like clockwork. The EMR has support staff that gets people where they need to be without any involvement from the owner. They also save records, give patients consent forms, and store records for the company.

A contractor handles PPC advertising and SEO. SEO has been incredibly successful and cost-effective, with an enormous return on investment. It is crucial to have an effective information page for each state that is SEO optimized, updated often, and has a FAQ page and call to action that drives conversions from people searching for answers about marijuana. The business updated its pages in August 2022 and has experienced a healthy spike in traffic. Each state also has an individual landing page with state-specific content and calls to action. That way, when a potential buyer lands on the page after clicking on an ad, they see something explicitly focused on their search, not something generic. The exceptional results from implementing these strategies can be demonstrated by traffic increases via Google analytics and SEM rush.

The company also has a great relationship with many dispensaries in its operating states. It’s common for patients to cite a dispensary handout or receive a business card from a dispensary. Different states and localities have different rules about direct recommendations but keeping a good relationship with shops has always been helpful. The company has also certified many dispensary workers as patients.

Another factor driving growth is referrals. Discounts are offered for people that friends refer, and many customers come from word-of-mouth interactions.

This business has merged two fast-growing fields. The legalization of cannabis for medicinal use is now available in more than 30 states. The U.S. medical cannabis market was valued at $15 million in 2020 and is projected to reach $42 million by 2026 — a tremendous 17.7% growth rate.  The market is being driven by increased awareness of how cannabis can be used to treat chronic diseases. Medical cannabis assists patients with various medical conditions, including cancer, neurology, AIDS, and muscle spasms.

Notably, a buyer does not need any medical background to operate this company, and the current owner has made it easy to transfer. A new owner could make the acquisition without changes to the business and enjoy organically growing recurring revenue or spend their time focusing on scaling the business exponentially.

Contact Website Closers today to plant yourself firmly in an ever-growing industry that will undoubtedly show a speedy return on investment.

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