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Online Membership Program | Personal Wellness Sector | Growing Topline, Bottom Line & Membership | 5,000+ Active Members | 40,000+ Monthly Uniques

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Website Closers® presents an Online Members-Only program that is focused on a growing segment in the Health & Personal Wellness Sector. The brand is seeing tremendous growth in top line, bottom line and its membership base.

The business brings light into their users’ lives and cultivates confidence using a membership model that provides a bevy of content and tools to help their subscribers in their daily life through calming exercises, yoga, breathing and promoting stronger self-esteem and improved physical, mental, and emotional health.

Interested members can join up by paying a low subscription fee every month, granting them unlimited private membership access to the brand’s line of products, videos, and content. True to the company’s messaging, their content has been tailored to help users better their lives through affirmation and a boosted sense of positivity towards themselves.

Users also receive 70% off the retail value of the thousands of curated products that the company has in store, and as 95% of these products are sold under the company’s own brand name, this provides users looking to enhance their positivity journey with quite the bargain. The company’s SKU count, which has been designed to promote positive thinking and wellness, now sits at over 2,000, with 600 of these SKUs being specialized products. They have also recently released digital affirmation content that features yoga and meditation routines.

The brand has secured a position as a promising up-and-coming membership-based business, as evidenced by their steadily growing membership count, which currently has over 5,000 members. They boast a Repeat Order Rate of 15% that is only continuing to rise with time, and, with the help of their excellent social media marketing skills, they have brought their average unique visitor rate up to over 40,000 every month. The brand continues to effectively engage with their existing audience by marketing to the over 30,000 subscribers in their email database.

Though their vast range of products has a strong appeal among their users, their membership subscription is by far their most popular offering, generating 80% of their total revenue. They have built a thriving community around their brand that is invested in being more in touch with themselves and their well-being, coping with the challenges that life might throw at them, and being a part of something bigger than themselves. The perks that they provide users have given the brand a year-over-year (YOY) growth rate of 24%.

Consumers around the world have begun to realize the importance of wellness and self-care, driving up demand for the market in recent years. Research has shown that 79% of people recognize the importance of fitness, nutrition, their appearance, and their overall physical and mental health. Many consumers have also realized that if they’re struggling with their selfcare journey there are more resources than ever for them to choose from, with a range of products and services being available.

A quick look at the brand’s history can show the ways in which they have prepared to capitalize upon this market growth.

This company was launched with a mission.

The brand made their start when they realized there was a public demand for positive thinking methods, a sense of healing, and connection and community with like-minded people, which they have been able to meet in full.

Their strong membership-based model cultivates inner peace in their users, while their extensive SKU count means customers can choose from a wide variety of products, which include essential oils, jewelry, clothing, household products, home décor, meditation and yoga content, and more, many offered at wholesale discount prices.

The brand’s unique product roster has earned an Average Order Value (AOV) of $15, with up to 200 orders being shipped out every day. Their success has also allowed them to start producing more content for their members, such as their new courses on meditation and yoga.

They have built their community on social media.

One of the brand’s strengths has been their skillful use of social media marketing, which lets them catch the eye of curious potential users and strengthen their connection with their existing consumer base. They now have over 16,300 followers on Instagram, and over 168,000 on Facebook.

They supplement this strategy by sending weekly blog articles to their over 30,000 email subscribers, which further bolsters their brand/user bond and organic traffic flow, and by using SMS messaging. Their marketing strategy isn’t just organic, however, as they also run PPC ads on their social media platforms. Their marketing campaigns have led to their strong unique monthly visitor rate.

This operation runs smoothly and efficiently.

The current owner has a workload of only 10 hours per week, with their responsibilities revolving around managing operations and customer service, launching new ads, and developing new products. The company also employs a full-time customer service manager who handles daily operations and a VA who oversees operations.

The company stocks thousands of different SKUs at any given time to keep up with their order rate, with new orders being placed every month to 2 months.

Though the company has already decreased the churn rate among new members, optimized their Lifetime Customer Value, and rapidly grown through their membership model and new wellness-focused content, there are a few different methods that the buyer can use to scale. These include the launch of an influencer marketing campaign, video marketing on other popular social media sites like TikTok and Snapchat, and expansion onto additional eCommerce platforms such as Amazon.

This acquisition can, with the right buyer behind it, be a feel-good brand for both their consumers and your wallet.

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Asking Price
$ 1,200,000
Cash Flow
$ 375,293
Gross Income
$ 1,417,534
Year Established

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