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Online Music Store & Licensor of Digital Stock Music – 16,000 Newsletter Subscribers – Top Google Rankings


This innovative eCommerce Music Licensor is Top Ranked on Google and was the first source of digital stock music. Established all the way back in 2002, this strong offering is a completely online music store for stock and background tunes. With an immense database of more than 75,000 active customers, this unparalleled offering carries a high average order value of almost $40 and drives impressive returns. Currently leveraging little to no ad spend, this company is perfectly poised to scale rapidly in the hands of a capable new owner. From SEO and Paid Marketing to Affiliate connections and website automation, this company has a vast array of growth opportunities. With a solid foundation built up over almost 2 decades, this promising company requires almost no background knowledge or time dedication for new owner. This business can be run from anywhere and, with a little training, any entrepreneur will be able to take this offering to a whole new level.

Licensing out royalty free music, this lucrative business provides background music, sound effects, and everything in between to media producers across every industry. From YouTube Creators to high-end production teams in film, radio, and even video games, this audio vendor appeals to a wide range of buyers across the content industry and the world. Their fully accredited licenses are impactful on a global scale and do not expire so that these audio snippets can be utilized for any media and in any country.

Carrying more than 6,000 individual music options and over 79,000 sound effects, this offering provides more than 85,000 unique SKUs. Operating solely through the internet, on a cloud-based server, this opportunity has seamless service and impeccable reliability. Currently working with this business, there are approximately 170 signed audio composers who create music tracks exclusively for this company. Making their way down the pipeline, there are more than 500 new tracks in production.

Across the Stock Music industry, this website is an icon of success and innovation as it was the first fully online stock music provider. There is a lot of integrity, popularity, and brand standing behind this company’s reputation that has led to an invaluable amount of direct, organic traffic. This eCommerce business currently boasts fantastic Google Rankings due to its domain authority and rankings among the market’s top keywords. From ranking first for “stock music” to third for “royalty free stock music” this industry leading platform generates an unimaginable amount of audience interest. In fact, their customer database contains more than 75,000 customer contacts with 16,000 of their users engaging regularly with their newsletter.

Dedicating fewer than 10 hours per week to maintaining and growing this business, the current ownership is responsible for tending to customer concerns, curating new music portfolios, and reviewing new artist applications. Additionally, this business has one part-time employee who spends between 5 and 10 hours each week tending to any and all operational concerns. With no physical product, this compelling offering is 100% virtual and can be run from any device, anywhere. And with nearly 20 successful years under its belt, this business is sure to last.

Utilizing minimal marketing spend and strategic initiatives, this opportunity has only one running campaign at the moment. Capitalizing on their extensive active user base, this business uses a weekly email campaign to drive all non-organic traffic as well as a minor retargeting system through Google. That being said, there are many turn-key ready affiliate programs as well as creator partnership programs that are effectively tailored to the needs of this company. Additional paths to increased success include YouTube partnerships with either the platform or its highly populator creator groups, professional SEO efforts, and active social media use. Exclusive tracks, automated music suggestions, and other cutting-edge functions would also be strategic ways to increase the current user base.

The lucky new owner of this company will be able to take the reins easily and seamlessly as this offering does not require any type of technical background. This is an extraordinary opportunity for any capable buyer to drive incredible profits, at fantastic margins, with little to no demanding daily responsibilities.

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Listing ID:  WC2116

Asking Price
$ 195,000
Cash Flow
$ 60,287
Gross Income
$ 115,177
Year Established