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Online Nutrition & Fitness Mentorship Program – 40% Repeat Customer Rate – $3600 Average Customer Lifetime Value – 218,000 Followers on Social Media


Website Closers® presents an online business dedicated to walking their customers through the process of taking their health into their hands. They offer a thorough online fitness and mentoring program that involves their mentors working with clients on a one-on-one basis, gathering information on their goals, preferences, schedules, and lifestyles, then turning that information into a nutrition and exercise plan tailored specifically for them and their needs. The mentor then contacts the client every day through messages, social media, zoom calls, and Facebook groups to discuss progress.

The company strives to help their clients, primarily women, achieve 4 key goals throughout their program:

  • Make healthy nutritional choices that benefit their personal goals and health without restriction
  • Build strength and tone their physiques with exercises that they enjoy
  • Create a better relationship with food, nutrition, and exercise on this journey
  • Feel proud of the amazing women they are once again

Their main offering consists of women’s fat loss and nutrition coaching, and they offer a group membership program for their past clients. This program helps keep customers on-board in the long-term, increase their recurring revenue rate, and continue guiding women on their health journey.

Though they see a slight dip during the holiday season, and a rise during New Year’s thanks to the prevalence of exercise as part of many people’s New Year’s Resolutions, their sales are generally consistent throughout the year. This pattern is natural for a company within their niche, but it can be mitigated somewhat by investing more heavily in advertising and conversation around their brand.

The company’s average clients are women from a variety of professions and demographics, such as business owners, mothers, and other busy adults. On average, their typical client spends about $3,600 over the course of their relationship with the company.

The owner’s responsibilities consist largely of:

  • Marketing
  • Setting Goals
  • Sales
  • Coaching
  • Client Retention
  • Program Development
  • Coaching Calls

They generate much of their traffic through social media posting on websites such as TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Their TikTok advertising revolves around receiving direct messages, and the conversation between the brand and their clients. Their Facebook advertising, meanwhile, is more complex, encouraging interested parties to enroll in a 5-day challenge and then, once that’s through, the 12-week program. This also gives clients access to the company’s official Facebook group, which features helpful content and advice, as well as a dedicated community happy to encourage one another to keep with the program. The company also sends emails every week to their over 13,000 email subscribers, which contain tips and other useful information.

Social media also offers access to a massive organic audience, which, in turn, can lead to a high traffic rate with a low advertising cost, if played well enough. The company has used this strategy to keep their overhead costs low, and their yearly growth high. Before they employed their effective team of coaches, marketing experts, and administration staff, they saw 70% or higher margins after expenses.

A buyer has numerous opportunities to scale by expanding offerings outside the coaching vertical. For instance, given their market, adding apparel, merchandise, and fitness equipment would be highly beneficial and appeal to their specific demographic. Additional nutrition and fitness plans would also add to their revenue streams, making their services accessible to more clients, and strengthening their rate of customer retention.

A buyer could also scale by providing more group sessions, strengthening the sense of community around their brand and sharply increasing their revenue. Subscription-based plans would also encourage additional recurring profit while requiring little marketing to get off the ground. Another viable option to add would be meal prep services, whether provided by themselves or contributed by a partnership with another company in that specific niche.

This acquisition was founded by fitness enthusiasts for fitness enthusiasts, and it shows. They have a capable team of fat loss coaches available to help women around the country achieve their goals and are only continuing to broaden their scope with time. They are in the perfect place for a buyer to take over and bring the company into the next stage of their future.

This Online Business is Represented by:

Tech & Internet Business Brokers

WC 2942

Asking Price
$ 300,000
Cash Flow
$ 132,180
Gross Income
$ 181,363
Year Established