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Online Resource for Social Security Benefits & Office Locations – Monetization via On Page Display Ads – 97% Margins – 6.3M Annual Page Views – All Organic Traffic


Website Closers® presents an Online Resources Platform that provides users with everything they need to know about Social Security Benefits an Office Locations throughout the United States. It supplies readers with the Most Comprehensive Directory of Social Security Offices available online, along with loads of additional, valuable, and relevant information.

The company’s mission is to empower online users with the knowledge and resources necessary to navigate the complex world of the government’s Social Security Administration. Detailed answers and guidelines can be found whether they are an individual seeking assistance with benefits, a caregiver looking to help a loved one, or just curious about how the program works.

The website has become an authority on every office in the United States and its territories by specifying operating hours, contact details, and services provided. However, it is more than just a directory. A wealth of knowledge is available, incorporating retirement, disability, survivor benefits, and Medicare. Historically, the team has stayed updated with the latest developments and changes, ensuring the content is always accurate and reliable.

Additionally, the on-site blog is a fantastic resource that covers a range of topics, from how to apply for benefits to effectively managing retirement income. The quantity of pages and variety of information attracts a diverse and vast user base and, subsequently, advertisers.

Income Streams

Traffic is driven to the WordPress website, generating advertising revenue. Approximately 90% of the ad sales are derived from Ezoic, a publisher platform, and 10% from Google AdSense. Both pay the Company monthly, with the former compensating the company on the 27th and the latter on the 21st.

Value Propositions

Unlike many internet businesses subject to the overhead costs associated with selling products or services, this business maintains an extremely low working capital structure with net profit margins well above 97% given that it’s a content site. The seller conducts business from home, combining the benefits of offering an intangible service with the profit margins and mobility of an internet-based platform that can be operated from any computer worldwide.

In addition, the company runs on autopilot, with the owner spending only one-hour weekly maintaining operations. Tasks involve:

  • Ensuring the site is up and running.
  • Observing website analytics.
  • Coordinating with a writer if used.
  • Occasionally corresponding with a tech consultant for minor changes or fixes.

Marketing & Scale Opportunities 

SEO is mainly automated by the Yoast Premium plugin. Since the owner has pursued other business ventures in the past year, minimal changes have been performed. Therefore, an opportunity exists to substantially boost traffic by updating older posts and regularly posting new, high-quality content.

Similarly, social media has yet to be utilized and presents an excellent growth avenue. Aside from some basic technical work, the owner has outsourced everything website related. Subsequently, a motivated buyer with expertise in writing articles, running social media campaigns, and managing a WordPress site will likely enjoy continued success. At the same time, one wishing to maintain the status quo can continue outsourcing all tasks and enjoy a lifestyle business.

Ultimately, this business offers an attractive overall return on investment, especially considering how little time is required to operate it.

This Online Business is Represented by:

Website Closers

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WC 3191

Asking Price
$ 600,000
Cash Flow
$ 190,552
Gross Income
$ 196,892
Year Established