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The target is a growing portfolio eCommerce business, smartly diversified within the highly profitable and always growing consumer impulse-buy accessories segment – everything from home goods in the kitchen all the way to mobile electronics fashion and accessories are included. This business relies upon a well-laid foundation of drop ship warehouses scattered across the US Domestic market, making fulfillment not only low-overhead, but also geographically agile. Thanks to its highly nimble SKU lineup, seasonality is kept to a bare minimum, focusing on the fastest moving ticket prices per item, rather than a single vertical alone. Selling on a highly polished and dynamic, storefront as well as social networks and other online marketplaces.

This fully automated company allows the owner to spend very limited hours per week on the business. The company utilizes a broad affiliate network to maximize margin and minimize overhead, with over 200 affiliates in the system and a total of 53,000 subscriber emails currently on-hand. This business has realized it’s exceptionally profitable growth since inception using nearly zero paid marketing tactics and relying solely on organic traffic alone. In hands of the right buyer, this exceptionally low maintenance and highly salient retail company is primed for growth in every way with the implementation of even the most basic paid marketing tactics, and sales channel diversification into Amazon, Jet, Buy, Wal-Mart and more.

This eCommerce Company Represented by:
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Asking Price
$ 75,000
Cash Flow
$ 26,297
Gross Income
$ 106,000
Year Established

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