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The target is a 10-year established, BRANDED Amazon and eCommerce retailer operating in the rapidly growing Health & Beauty Categories, particularly the pre-natal and post-natal baby skincare vertical – offering a branded line of 100% organic and all-natural products internationally to all major markets around the globe. This highly un-seasonal business focuses in on a slice of the skincare demographic that is a home run in every way, and continues to grow, year over year.

The company has clean books and records, and for qualified buyers, this unique company can be purchased for as little as 10% down via an SBA-backed, 10-year Amortized loan. Please contact our M&A specialists at to get further details on how this program works.

This established and well recognized brand line requires very little overhead, shipping a portion of its orders via Amazon FBA, eliminating the need for a large, costly warehouse and employee head count.

The pre-natal and post-natal baby care products industry is on a high growth trend. In 2018, global revenue of the baby care products market is estimated to generate about $11.4 Billion in US Sales, up from 8.94 Billion in 2013.

Featuring very low working capital, this business has established highly valuable net terms relationships with all its suppliers, and every item is packed and sold under the company’s registered trademark, regardless of sales channel. Having achieved profitable growth since inception on almost entirely organic means, this highly viable branded line of products in a hugely salient and growing segment is a high-value acquisition in every way.

Business Listed by:
Technology & Internet Business Brokers

Asking Price
$ 2,100,001
Cash Flow
$ 492,277
Gross Income
$ 879,278
Year Established

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