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Patented, Custom-Designed Brand of Products for the Coffee (Espresso) Industry – B2B & DTC Channels – 22% Repeat Orders – Proprietary Manufacturing & IP


Website Closers® presents a highly innovative company in the phenomenally profitable Coffee Products market. This business filled a critical void in the industry by becoming the first to specialize in aftermarket tools and accessories for the popular Breville home espresso machines.

At inception, this pioneer was the first company to specialize in creating tools for these machines; being the first to market in this particular space has allowed this firm to secure extremely strong brand trust, awareness, following, and recognition. This brand strength and recognition have allowed the company to continue offering products at a premium price point with healthy, sustainable margins.

Their unique custom-designed products, all created in-house, have won over the loyalty of devoted coffee enthusiasts across the globe, enabling them to expand to 66 SKUs giving customers a variety of appealing colors and sizes. The company’s patented and patent-pending designs are manufactured exclusively for them and marketed under their brand name, offering a specialized product line that appeals to anyone who is discriminative about their daily coffee — and their home coffee machines.

Coffee accessory products are in sky-high demand today and the automatic espresso machines market in North America is projected to grow by $304 million through 2025. The brand recognition this company has established since launching in 2019 enables them to provide high satisfaction levels to their buyers, who are giving them consistently healthy, sustainable net margins of 31%.

Fully set up with trusted suppliers, the company has effectively marketed their product line through Amazon, now 60% of their sales mix, and their Shopify website. With an Average Order Value of $85, they appeal to customers between the ages of 25 and 44, have achieved a 22% Repeat Customer Rate. Their Lifetime Customer Value is currently sitting at $206.

A creative content marketing strategy continues to drive sales higher, including PPC ads, Social Media marketing, an influencer campaign, and emails sent to their 28,000+ subscribers. The company’s informative blog featuring how-to articles are winning over coffee lovers who trust and rely on this brand to elevate their brewing experience.

There are multiple ways to quickly scale this thriving operation. Expanding their sales channels is one proven method, while marketing B2B sales to wholesalers and coffee retailers is a significant untapped opportunity with enormous growth potential. An experienced team is in place to manage daily operations while a buyer grows the business.

With Breville often rated as the most user-friendly espresso machine on the market, this company was the first to specialize in creating tools for their many enthusiasts. An ambitious buyer will acquire a loyal customer base and exceptionally strong brand trust from a business that is primed and ready to scale quickly in an evergreen industry. Acquiring this business means owning the go-to brand for coffee and espresso lovers who eagerly embrace their high level of quality products and first-rate customer service. This is an outstanding opportunity to invest in a company that has a firmly established reputation within the lucrative espresso industry.

This CPG Brand is Represented by:

Technology & Internet Business Brokers

WC 3026

Asking Price
$ 7,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,027,456
Gross Income
$ 3,302,692
Year Established