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Patented Laser Firearm Training Brand with a Proprietary App and 61% Margins – Over 50,000 Active Users – Reduces the Cost of Ammunition with Laser Guided Target Practice – Amazon & DTC Sales Channels


Website Closers® presents an innovative eCommerce business that’s packed with a strong customer base (over 50,000 Active Users); patented, proprietary products; and Laser Firearm Technology that’s like none other. Fueled by safety, innovation, and niche ideation, this tech-enabled company has broken away from the competition with its unique approach to firearm training and its proprietary products. With 8 patented SKUs, sleek design for effective training and proven customer satisfaction, this business is the perfect platform for continued growth in the firearm and safety category, and their adjacent verticals.

Customers who desire to sharpen their shooting skills and firearm training can use these industry-leading products right from the comfort of their home, with laser cartridges instead of live ammunition. Besides the safety and comfortability they get from these products, customers know they are saving money by not investing in ammunition, paying for range time, paying for expensive training courses, and buying as many gun cleaning products. They are saving thousands of dollars per year.

And this training tool is accurate – so accurate that it is loved by hunters, sportsmen, gun owners, police officers, and the like … all already utilizing this company’s products to gain and hone their skills as a marksman. The company’s App allows users to track their shooting skills and progress over time and compete with other marksmen for a low monthly subscription price. The app is available for iOS and Android operating systems.

Veteran gun owners, as well as beginners, can set up the one-of-a-kind training in a matter of minutes, knowing they will save time, improve their accuracy, and get real-time results as they use a safe firearm to practice with. The company has packaged the training into two versions. The basic version comes with a small tripod for the consumer’s smartphone, (8.5″x11″-single target), and a target sheet.

This set comes equipped with short accuracy protection, shooting metrics, shooting templates, social feed, and clear laser sighting. The upgrade version has 2 target sheets (34″x44″-multi-target), and a large tripod.

This set is equipped with advanced shooting templates and metrics, a social feed, laser sighting, firearm drills, a shot timer, and more.

The patented and specifically-designed laser cartridges are in a league of their own. Created with no trim, each cartridge stays put by not getting ejected. Plus, there is rubber padding on the back so there’s shock absorption. Once the pad is hit, the laser shoots out fast, right on cue. The laser is 100% safe, and will not damage the gun, which is guaranteed.

Every cartridge comes with batteries too. This laser-based ammo is safe and a great alternative to live rounds.

The equipment works seamlessly with the app. Once the proprietary app is installed, the user can track their progress with real-time results and fixate on how they can get better quickly.

As reflected in the brand’s many glowing 5-Star reviews, the app is comprehensible and accurate.

The versatility that comes with setting up the training gives this company a major competitive edge. Customers have set up in their basements, living rooms, bedrooms, patio walls, wherever they have space for the tripod, target, and shooter position.

Their company has gained a stunning degree of success in a short period of time. Since 2019, the company has increased its profits at a favorable rate. Their revenue has increased by at least 200% every year. From 2020 to 2021, their net income has increased by nearly 150%.

Utilizing an aggressive social media strategy has created impressive results. The company’s Instagram account has 26,000 followers while the Facebook account has garnered 4,800 followers. Informative content is posted on these accounts every day, giving the company authority in proper and safe firearm training online.

Their growth opportunities are strong and include launching their new Pro System and upgrading the company’s Subscription App. The company additionally has the opportunity to expand their presence on Amazon, and running PPC ads on both that site and on Google to help expand the customer base. Amazon provides this company with an additional opportunity to launch a Global Expansion with distribution in Canada, Europe, and Australia through Amazon’s foreign platforms.

A major benefit of owning this company is that not only is it highly profitable, but it operates within an equally strong an profitable market. The U.S. firearms industry alone carries 40% of civilian-owned firearms in the global market, which places the U.S. as the top-ranked country per capita for firearms.

With 393 million guns recently sold, the firearm industry will continue to flourish for years to come. On top of that, the shooting range industry has blossomed over the last 5 years, with increasing sales that reflect a growing interest in personal protection.

When it comes to people purchasing their first firearm, this company is providing a great tool for gun safety by helping its customer base learning how to effectively use their new handgun or rifle.

Concerns about accidents with firearms and training make laser-ammo a prominent answer. This company is ahead of the game with that genuine concern dwelling in the market. Not only do men love what the company provides, but women gun owners do as well. They currently take up 20% of the brand’s customer base, especially single moms who are strapped and want to polish their aim. National Shooting Sports Foundation has reported that the presence of women in firearm events has surpassed 81% in recent years.

This offering is a great investment considering how evergreen the gun industry is and the emphasis that owners place on safety. Contact Website Closers today. Our brokers are ready to outline all the advantages that come with this offering, and how a buyer can take perfect aim at the brand’s recurring revenues and impressive scale options.

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