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Patented WiFi Technology Operating Under 3 Trademarked Brands – All Website Sales with 1.8 Million Monthly Visitors


WebsiteClosers® presents a global brand with active campaigns in more than 14 different countries across the globe. This proprietary eCommerce company develops and manufactures its own internet technologies for 3 fully established sub brands in the Wifi Vertical. As a leader in the wireless booster market, this company’s products have become well known for enhancing and extending bandwidth and range for any wireless enabled space.

The products under these brands carry 2 patents, 3 trademarks, and world class branding to create defensive moats around the entire business. With an active consumer database of more than 1 million, this offering earned a solid $1.4 million in 2020 alone and they have high expectations for the future. The company has done a tremendous job of growing top line revenue, which was the focus of the company over the past couple of years – and now that sales have exceeded $30 Million, more focus is now being placed on profitability. This provides an entrepreneur the opportunity to step into a super high growth, tech-enabled company and extend the company’s bottom line.

With extensive room for growth, this target is not yet selling on any sales channels outside of their own websites. Expansion onto domestic and global Amazon storefronts as well as eBay are promising opportunities right out of the gate. Wholesale brick and mortar channels are also open to this company in addition to improved advertising initiatives on all channels.

The internet technologies industry is an ever relevant and remarkably profitable category to be present within. From remote working and learning, to entertainment and connecting with loved ones, most of the developed world cannot run without an internet connection. That’s why patented technologies such as those owned by this company are virtual treasure troves of lasting revenue streams.

Over the next 5 years, the global market value of Wi-Fi modules, boosters, and other connectivity innovations is set to nearly double in overall value. With that in mind, these brands have been expertly designed to scale effectively and swiftly as their market booms around them.

As a direct-to-consumer offering, this eCommerce business model takes into account the soaring demand for products such as these across both home life and home offices. Expanding this reach, a capable buyer could continue to scale the company through the creation of a wholesale pipeline, not only may companies wish to buy internet access devices in bulk for entire offices at once, but many well-known brick and mortar sellers could easily leverage such promising products to skyrocket awareness and sales. Other lucrative paths include improved SEO practices, social media participation on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook as well as through paid placements, and email marketing. If the incoming buyer does choose to expand onto the marketplace, then Amazon PPC and listing SEO are also phenomenally powerful assets.

Demanding minimal ownership oversight, the current owner of this company is responsible for product design, testing, and securing through patent and trademark filings. After new SKUs are developed, the owner then launches them through the creation of product pages and purchasing channels. With a strategic channel diversification initiative, the incoming owner may spend more time developing additional storefronts and industry relationships.

Earning an average of 1.8 million website visitors each month, this business stands at the forefront of internet connectivity technologies. Utilizing their cutting edge and entirely proprietary SKU lines, new ownership will be well positioned for rapid and dynamic scale through channel diversification, improved marketing, SKU & IP development and so much more. Carrying incredible revenue, an unrivaled industry-wide reputation and globally relevant offerings, this an exceedingly rare opportunity that can bring lasting success.

This Tech-Enabled Internet Company Represented by:

Website Closers

Technology & Internet Business Brokers

Listing ID:  WC2208

Asking Price
$ 6,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,442,342
Gross Income
$ 37,873,749
Year Established