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Performance Marketing Agency – Media Buying Experts – Full Service – Small to Enterprise Level Clients


This is a full-service, global Performance Marketing Agency, focusing on Media Buying via a standard agency model to serve small to mid-sized companies while working on a cost-plus basis. Services offered range from generating traffic and conversions to analytical breakdowns, creative work and video assets. Staffed by a highly motivated and extraordinarily dedicated team, this agency focuses on helping ecommerce clientele through paid digital advertising across a multitude of platforms including, Facebook and Google as well as the newer social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and Pinterest. This opportunity is effectively positioned to capitalize on extensions of past successes due to long-standing brand agreements that will open new channels to other brands while retaining current income streams. This agency is rapidly developing an impressive portfolio and building industry credibility that many other agencies simply cannot compete with. The current owners are looking for someone who can step in as an owner and partner to help take this already thriving business to the next level.  Even though this listing is not SBA eligible at this time, it is an established, proven business ready for the right owner to step in and scale.

This full-service marketing and media buying agency is committed to growing their client’s businesses by leveraging data, transparency and a high-performance mindset. The company’s suite of unique tools and technologies make it easy to introduce new and developed brands alike to a wide range of audiences across any industry. Their experienced team provides specialized competencies such as custom builds and strategic integrations to strengthen every client that comes their way, no matter their specific needs. Working in tandem with the creative team, this agency’s marketing representatives continue to raise the bar for every potential client, industry partner and media buyer that comes in contact with this incredible firm. The current development experts at this business are what make their creative and new business pipeline so strong. Marketing Services offered include:

–   Lead Generation

–   Media Buying

–   Conversion Rate Optimization

–   Web Design & Development

–   Creative Development

–   Search Engine Optimization

–   Multivariant Testing

–   Branding

Current ownership is in search for a buyer that will act as a true strategic partner to bring growth, equity and direction to this continually expanding opportunity. A future-minded business expert who brings their own experiences and drive to the table will set a new standard of growth and enthusiasm in the years of success to come. This skilled team of nine is ready and raring to run the day-to-day, exceeding expectations and driving new business, while you, as a new owner, will be as involved as you see fit within your operational goals. To retain the immense promise and talented team currently in sight, it’s recommended that a new owner, like you, would continue working from their headquarters there – however, this would be your business, and you can lead it from wherever you see the most useful for future growth.

This agency opportunity has seen success with well-known, national brands such as Colgate and retains full permissions to use their name, among others, for business development and credibility building. Key influences such as these open a new channel of potential brand clients for this company to connect and work with, leading to varied and auspicious growth opportunities that many other agencies would not have access to. They are also a verified Facebook preferred partner, which gives the team many useful tools such as a multitude of strategic information that optimizes scaling as well as efficacy.

So far, this brand has grown solely on word of mouth connections and referrals, as well as with the efforts of a highly competent sales team. No major P.R. efforts have been necessary. Scaling opportunities include hiring more media buyers that are focused on the specific platforms that the team commonly works with, growing the promising client pipeline, developing high-level referrals, testimonials and relationships to expand the client base and building a strong PR campaign to bring in new leads while growing the agency brand.

This target is deeply rooted in a focused, niche market with high margins and excellent returns. One of their key strengths is their strong customer testimonials and referral development making this a perfect incremental add-on business for any existing marketing services company or business expert. This opportunity is a great one for someone with huge vision and immense drive!

This Performance Marketing Agency Represented by:

Technology, Internet & Digital Business Brokers

Listing ID:  WC2068

Asking Price
$ 3,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,182,910
Gross Income
$ 2,558,571
Year Established