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Performance Marketing Publisher in the Affiliate Space – 30% Earnings Per Lead (EPL) Margins on CPA Offers


This business is a seasoned Digital Advertising Company that partners with Affiliates to convert cold customers into leads for its clients by targeting specific offers to visitors. In the world of Performance Marketing, this Internet Business primarily operates as a Publisher, buying traffic from websites and monetizing that traffic with advertiser partners. This company has been in operation for 6 years and is currently ran as a nearly passive income website that uses several techniques to monetize site visitors with affiliate marketing relationships.

This is a stable Internet Business that can be run from anywhere and has plenty of room for expansion. The email list grows at 100,000 subscribers per month, giving the owner tremendous upside to monetize direct email sends. Scale opportunities include buying traffic from email providers and exploring social media. The current owners are willing to train, and a part time resource is willing to stay on. This business is primed for someone to come in and take the wheel.

The domain is a known brand and asset valued at over $25,000. There are 229k searches per month with the key term search phrases. In 2019, the organic traffic was 92,000 visitors. The primary business revolves around the CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) and EPL (Earnings Per Lead) performance marketing metrics. New visitors sign up for the mailing list and are shown a series of advertiser offers (i.e. Are you interested in a free dental consultation?). For each advertiser offer the visitor opts in to, the business is paid.

Referral traffic – through paid partners – is 90% of traffic (with organic being the remaining 10%). Over the last 5 years, the new business partners, monetization channels, and technologies have been added, increasing the profit-margin of the business. This business can see double-digit growth in the next 12 months. The new owner can work 10-20 hours per week and expect $150k-200k in gross profit.

To increase the margin, the business focuses on finding ways to buy traffic at a cheaper price, optimizing the landing page so it converts at a higher rate or brings in more advertisers, gets advertisers to pay more, or increases the likelihood our visitors opt-into a specific offer. There are several established and documented verticals to monetize users that owner is happy to train on.

This is a part time business, averaging 20 hours per week monitoring the daily dashboard and optimizing CPA and EPL for traffic sources, and procuring advertisers and traffic sources. The new owner can also invest into the company and bring gross profit to $300k-400k with a full 40-hour commitment. There are part time employees including a campaign builder who creates and updates new advertisers on the platform and floating developers available to build out/tweak dashboard and additional features. This is a completely digital business, which can be run remotely from anywhere in the world.

PPC makes up the majority of traffic. At this point, no significant traffic exists from social, email, or SEO, but there are existing traffic acquisition strategies that once implemented correctly will result in increased revenue. Scale opportunities include buying traffic from email providers and buying traffic on a co-registration basis and monetizing the newsletter. (Co-registration, or co-reg as it’s often referred to, is the process of showing advertisement products to someone who is going through a registration form or a process.)

The ideal buyer is someone that can monetize the tremendous amount of traffic and get a higher EPL (earnings per lead). If the buyer owns a call center, where EPL is in the $10-$50 range, this is an instant cash cow! This is a great business to step into for someone looking to grow. It has tons of potential.

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Asking Price
$ 515,000
Cash Flow
$ 225,257
Gross Income
$ 778,761
Year Established