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Personalized and In-House Designed Jewelry & Gifts eCommerce Brand – Amazon FBA – Large Collection of Best Seller Tags – Full Executive Team in Place


Website Closers® presents a super exciting company that was founded in 2007 with the mission of creating one-of-a-kind custom jewelry for its customers. By focusing on custom, personalized jewelry that would be perfect for any number of different gift needs, this business has effectually created a defensive moat around the business since all products are designed internally by the team.

The company operates with an experienced and comprehensive management team in place, which will make a transition very easy to new ownership. The company currently offers more than 300 profitable SKUs at market, with no concentration risks therein, and has an additional 60+ new products currently in R&D.

This company has seen its revenue rise from $3 million in 2018 to nearly $10 million this year, with an increasing and current Average Order Value of $42. Carrying a 100% positive lifetime Seller Rating on Amazon, this business has done a phenomenal job of getting its products in front of their highly receptive audience. In fact, the company has four manufacturing studios strategically located across the U.S. to meet Amazon’s Prime requirements of offering 1 & 2 day shipping across the 48 contiguous states. This allows the company to instantly pivot to address changing market conditions or shipping bottlenecks.

Jewelry is one of the most ancient and enduring forms of personal expression, adorning the wearer in items that can range from quite simple to luxurious and extravagant. Custom Jewelry is in high demand and makes a great gift for just about any occasion. The vertical is a lucrative and evergreening sector, with sales projected to reach $480 billion by 2025.  For these reasons, as well as many others, the chance to acquire this industry-leading company presents a unique and exciting opportunity to own a business that has established itself as a top brand leader within the specialized field of personalized jewelry.

And while the company’s history of selling custom necklaces, earnings, bracelets, zodiac pieces, charms, engraved bars, monograms, etc. has proven highly successful to date, there’s so much more room to grow. An obvious way to grow this business is to have the team continue to design unique pieces for the marketplace – this opportunity is truly limitless and can be expanded to adjacent verticals. Also, diversifying the offerings to include niche jewelry items targeting men, children, and seniors, and launching affiliate marketing campaigns that target those customer groups would also likely prove highly opportunistic.

There are also substantial opportunities to grow the brand through enhanced social media marketing on Instagram and Facebook, and by targeting the wholesale market for distribution to retail and big box stores.

This company was founded 14 years ago with the express goal of creating personalized gift items designed to elicit a connection between the buyer and the individual receiving the gift, such as a mother and daughter, granddaughter and grandmother, wife and husband, etc. The company designs simple but attractive sterling silver pieces that can be connected to special dates, such as Mother’s Day, Easter, graduation ceremonies, Valentine’s Day, retirement, or a sympathy gift.

The brand has seen sales increase steadily since inception, particularly as the company expanded from its Shopify platform to offer sales on Amazon. This is a rare brand that started off Amazon and is now present there. In fact, the brand now operates almost entirely on Amazon, which makes up 94% of sales.  An additional 4% come from Etsy, and 2% stems from their Shopify website. Their SKUs include a jaw dropping 50 best sellers and many Amazon Choice offerings as well. The company has done exceptionally well relying on word-of-mouth advertising, which has resulted in highly enthusiastic reviews on Amazon for their products. The team also puts a strong emphasis on building a glowing reputation for outstanding customer service. Over 7,000 positive Amazon reviews and an incomparable 5.0 Seller rating are irrefutable evidence proving just how powerful their current process is.

The brand has worked hard to develop multiple variations on the most successful items they are selling, and they keep a close eye on what competitors are doing. Their products have remained focused on special relationships or occasions, with plenty of unique options for each one.

Approximately 5-10% of their jewelry components come from the company’s U.S. distributor, whereby internal staff then assemble in-house. The remaining 90-95% is manufactured in Thailand. Many of the items are made exclusively for this brand. All products are then sold fully branded to drive loyalty and customer satisfaction. Sales tend to remain steady during the year, with large spikes in sales one month before Mother’s Day and during the holidays.

About 50% of the company’s inventory is stocked through FBA, with the rest placed in their four studios in New Jersey, Texas, Maryland, and California. The brand tends to stock about $500,000 worth of inventory across FBA and its four studios.  In addition to standard FBA orders, the company also ships approximately 100-150 individual orders a day from its studios.

The company has largely relied on word of mouth to boost sales, although they do have social media accounts on Facebook (3,300+ followers) and Instagram (1,300+ followers). In addition, they have accumulated over 20,000 emails with over half of these opting into their ‘Insiders Group’. They have recently transitioned to a PPC agency and have extensive reporting on Amazon PPC efforts.

A more aggressive off-Amazon marketing campaign would provide a significant jolt in sales for this already immensely profitable company.  That could include growing their email list for a highly targeted email marketing campaign, adding an affiliate program that could be marketed through their social media accounts, creating a membership or subscription box opportunity, and increasing ad buys on Amazon to refine and improve sales. SEO would be helpful as well.

Further growth could be achieved from the continued addition of new products since the majority of this company’s revenue growth has come from adding to the SKU count. Their market continues to look for variations of their most popular items but targeted to different occasions or relationships. The company has found that it is profitable, inexpensive, and relatively easy to experiment with additional SKUs and this has become a proven method for success. The brand now has about 60 new products in the development stage.

The brand could also explore distribution to the wholesale market and target B2B sales, while expanding the business into new gifting categories such as jewelry for kids, men, seniors, bridal parties and bridesmaids, and a lower priced sub-brand as well as a higher priced sub-brand. Each one of these options offers this amazing company excellent growth opportunities that may significantly boost profitability.

The current owners dedicate about 20 hours per week to running this business, which includes 10 hours on maintenance and 10 hours pursuing growth opportunities. The company employs a team of 20 employees that includes the leadership team (Director of Operations, Director of Customer Love, Creative & Design Supervisor, and Studio Managers) in addition to studio employees made up of jewelry artisans and packagers.

This is an exceptionally well-grounded business that is bringing in sky-high revenues on products that their customer love and eagerly help promote through their reviews. The fact that the company now has several hundred SKUs and is developing more demonstrates the phenomenal growth potential this brand has. Expanding the product line into new categories represents one clear path to a sharp growth curve, but so would an expansion of their digital marketing strategy on social media and through SEO. The company is a fantastically well-oiled machine with a highly experienced team with SOPs in place that knows how to keep their customer base happy. This is an unprecedented opportunity to own a thriving business in the lucrative field of jewelry, and one that has built its success on the appeal of gifted items that comment on our most cherished relationships.

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