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Personalized, Handmade Wedding Gift Products eCommerce Brand – High Profit & Growth – 25% Margins – $119 AOV – US, French & German Markets


Website Closers® presents a brand that promises to make one of the most important occasions in a customer’s life more special. They operate out of the lucrative wedding industry and offer a wide range of sentimental products such as custom-designed seating charts, cake toppers, ring boxes, and their most popular offering, a decorative, personalized wedding guest book. This guest book comes with an assortment of add-ons and accessories and is an important part of the company’s offerings. Their products are sourced primarily from one supplier, with whom they have built a strong relationship since launch.

On the company’s website, they have hundreds of reviews that enthusiastically praise the quality of their products and share anecdotes of how they improved their wedding experiences. The brand has an Average Order Value of $119 and a rising repeat order rate. As they have over 23,000 customers, this ensures that they enjoy a steady stream of revenue with each couple that takes an interest in their incredible line of products. The brand enjoys 25% margins, and they have, over the course of their lifetime, built up a thriving presence within the US, French, and German markets.


The brand’s marketing campaign consists primarily of Facebook Ads, with Google Ads occasionally being utilized for brand campaigns. This strategy is supplemented with organic marketing, telemarketing, and email marketing, the last of which makes use of the over 33,000 email subscribers that they have available to them. They also maintain a blog on their website and make use of social media in order to further bolster their rate of organic traffic.

These efforts have led to a steady flow of new customers, especially as the reputation that they’ve built for themselves works wonders in showcasing their high quality to curious couples. They now have a ROAS of 300%, along with a respectable average of over 800,000 visitor sessions every month. Their advertising platform has also amassed a vast amount of data, enabling it to optimize campaigns automatically. This means that they no longer need to manually target their ads, because their platform leverages the extensive data collected over time.


The company’s operations have been highly optimized and are structured in such a way that they are maintained by a small but very capable team of staff members. The list of their staff and employment status is as follows:

  • Operations Manager (full-time)
  • Customer service (1 agent full-time, 1 agent part-time)
  • Content Creator (part-time)
  • 2 Telemarketers (both part-time)
  • Video/photo editor (contractor)
  • Google Media buyer (contractor)
  • Email Marketer (contractor)

The current owner’s average daily workload largely depends on whether they’re planning on developing new systems or not and can range from anywhere between 0 and 20 hours. However, on average, they require a mere 2 hours per day. Their primary tasks consist of hiring and managing employees, paying suppliers, doing taxes, directing marketing campaigns, and running Facebook ads.

Scale Opportunities

The company has rapidly grown in scale since they were launched, but an ambitious buyer can take them to another level. Given the industry that they operate within, they could thrive by adding new in-demand products like additional, customizable trinkets and gifts for friends and family. This would be made easier by finding more suppliers and crafting manufacturers to source from, as diversifying their manufacturer relationship would open the door to incorporate new product types that were previously out of their reach.

They could also pursue wider global expansion, as while they have already expanded into several profitable regions, there are many more waiting for them that could be incredibly promising for the future of the brand. New markets mean new customers, and as weddings are a phenomenon that can be found around the world, that means that demand for their products can be found just about anywhere as well.

If the new owner has an interest in improving their marketing campaign, they could feasibly achieve this by partnering with social media influencers. They could leverage the sizable following many influencers have to show off the aesthetics of their products and have the influencers talk up the long-lasting, appealing qualities that they have. They could also work with event planning spaces, as given that weddings are often held in these spaces, there would be an overlap between the services that they provide and the company’s own products.


This brand has set a precedent for providing invaluable products that can either add flair to a couple’s wedding ceremony, or by giving them something they can hold onto to remember the event for years to come. They’re polished, with a healthy manufacturer relationship, and a reputation that is only strengthened further by their solid marketing tactics.

This eCommerce Brand is Represented by:

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Asking Price
$ 980,000
Cash Flow
$ 306,138
Gross Income
$ 1,182,303
Year Established