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Personalized, Unique Gift Brand in the Remembrance Gift Giving Vertical achieving a 316% YOY Growth Rate – Strong Social Media Presence with 2M+ Views on TikTok


Website Closers® presents a fast paced, scaling business that has become a leader in the niche space of Personalized Gifts, using multiple brands to offer consumers the opportunity to customize songs, special dates and places. They have attracted a strong customer base for their unique plaques with sales soaring in 2021 and on track for continued growth this and in future years. A key to the brand’s success has been appealing to couples looking for unique gift options that send a heartfelt message. Their Average Order Value is $54 with the company making up to 1,000 shipments a day during peak season. The brand has expertly used social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok to expand their customer base. Glowing customer reviews have helped drive sales.

Their sales during gift giving occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, birthdays and anniversaries are strong. With the gifting industry booming and the company specializing in customized gifts, they have major expansion opportunities available, including by selling on marketplaces like Amazon and Etsy, and by creating new products for upsells.

To prove just how powerful this company has become in this space, their 316% revenue growth rate indicates just how fully they were able to capture the hearts – and wallets – of their target audience. The company markets a very unique kind of acrylic plaque that can be custom developed per the client’s specific desires. For instance, one platform allows a customer to upload an image of them and their loved one with a date and note to be printed for the recipient. Another allows a user to upload the location and date of a special event which portrays a map of the location for the recipient.

The Remembrance Gift industry is a successful one because gifts that have this kind of personalization are widely popular and seen as a more thoughtful and caring product to give a loved one. People love giving gifts on a wide host of occasions and special events, and the more personalized it can get, the better. And the appeal of giving a unique gif that the recipient might never have received is especially difficult to find — making this company stand out.

With a thriving social media presence, the brand has taken full advantage of glowing reviews from customers who sent in photos of their products prominently displayed in their homes. Those customer reviews have gone a long way in helping this brand expand its customer base, as those real-life photos show that these sentimental gifts have stronger emotional appeal to the buyer, and are huge winners.
Already a growing brand, this business has just tapped the surface of their potential. For a buyer of this business, one can walk into a high cash flowing, high margin business and begin scaling immediately.

When originally launched, the founders knew that personalized gifts could have a significantly stronger emotional tug than ordinary items, so they created unique plaques that have an unlimited number of additional SKUs that can be added. A stand for the plaque can also be purchased, and 70% of the orders include the stand.

Projections are in place that have this company continuing upon its growth plan in 2022 with a number of additional scale opportunities available to it, from new product launches to sales channel expansion to international sales.

At an Average Order Value of $54, the company established an appealing price point for their target audience, with their top demographics being people between the ages of 18-35, in a relationship, and looking for a unique gift for their loved one. These customers also show a preference for gifts that are sentimental, and they collectively demonstrate a willingness to spend whatever it takes to make a truly unique one-time purchase.

The Relationship Niche is an important one, because while this company has seen its sales remain steady throughout the year, they enjoy healthy spikes during relationship holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas and Mother’s Day. They also get plenty of customers who purchase their products as birthday and anniversary gifts.

As the brand creatively used social media to market their products and expand their customer base, these items became top sellers with buyers. To reach these customers, the brand has focused heavily on three popular social media sites: Instagram (where they have a whopping 30,900+ followers), Facebook (2,700+ followers) and TikTok, where their videos have received a remarkable 2 million+ views. The brand also runs PPC ads on TikTok and Facebook, and once one of their creatives starts to perform, they begin to scale it. Many of their ads are based off special days such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas.

The brand generates organic traffic through those social media sites as well as an email marketing campaign. With an email database of 100,000+ subscribers, they have plenty of ways to reach out to existing customers and generate upsells. These marketing tactics do an exceptional job of getting their two eCommerce sites discovered by viewers. The sites are getting 250,000+ average unique monthly visits.

As sales continue to grow, the enterprise has put together a highly efficient operation. The two owners devote 20 hours per week to running this business, ably assisted by a team that includes a part-time shipper, three virtual assistants who manage the file creation that is sent to the manufacturer to get created, and two other VAs who manage customer service. The company averages 50 customer inquiries daily.

Products are managed on the hybrid inventory model, where a customer makes an order and their file containing the photo and title are sent to the local manufacturer to be printed. The final product is then shipped from their office. Each order is custom made after purchase. Right now, the company is handling 100 orders per day, although during peak times that rises to 1,000 orders per day.

In an age when everyone loves buying unique gifts and finding something more meaningful than flowers or chocolates, these custom made and personalized gifts have become a major hit with consumers.

With extremely fast growth, this company could scale just as rapidly, including by expanding sales onto new channels such as Amazon and Etsy, launching an international expansion, and creating new products. The sky is the limit for this one. Contact Website Closers today to give yourself the gift of learning more about this business and its potential to become a leader in the niche personalized gifting space.

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