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Pest Control eCommerce Brand | Practical & EcoFriendly Solutions | $140 AOV | 200,000 Average Monthly Visitors | 100,000 Email Subs | Strong Team in Place

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Website Closers® presents a flourishing eCommerce Brand that’s been all the buzz in the at-home pest control market niche. They sell a range of practical and eco-friendly pest control solutions to their dedicated audience through Amazon and their branded websites, with the latter generating most of their sales.

The founders came up with the company’s concept after struggling with the very same problem they work to solve for their customers: all types of bugs, especially mosquitoes, pestering them during the hot Australian summers in Brisbane. They were tired of the hazardous chemicals that many pest-free products had, which posed a risk to their health and the environment, and, as such, decided to create an environmentally friendly mosquito solution without toxic chemicals in its formula.

The initial product was then marketed, with sales promptly surging as customers discovered their brand. From there, the brand has continued to create and successfully launch innovative solutions to tackle the many different types of pests that Australians and consumers around the world struggle with. Today, the brand has a thriving audience that appreciates the value of the formulas and the devices, which contributes to their credibility and top and bottom lines.

Here are some of the reasons why our brokers are excited about this fantastic deal:

  1. The brand can easily develop additional product lines for other pets due to their Asia-based manufacturing partners. With an Asia 3PL strategically placed in Shenzhen, they can test new products in a fraction of the time compared to competitors, and scale once they find product market fit.
  2. They have performed preliminary testing to explore the possibility of exploring new markets, especially in Europe and the UK. These tests have provided positive results that indicate great potential to thrive in these regions, and without major direct-to-consumer (D2C) competitors, the company can quickly establish themselves as a prominent player in these regions.
  3. Social media marketing strategies could be integrated into the brand’s existing digital marketing campaign for promising results. YouTube, Affiliate marketing, and influencer marketing would introduce fresh channels to connect with potential customers, with YouTube driving engagement and affiliate partnerships tapping into existing networks for targeted outreach.


Sourcing, Inventory, & Fulfillment

Their products are sourced and white-labeled through reliable suppliers with whom the current management has built strong networks with. The brand uses a 100% stock model, with their inventory being managed between 3PL facilities in Asia, Australia, and the US. Roughly 70 to 100 orders are shipped out daily. They keep anywhere between 7 and 30 days of stock is kept on hand based on sales volume and lead times, with orders typically being placed every 2 to 3 weeks. They have negotiated favorable payment terms, which will be highly beneficial as the business continues to grow going forward.

Markets & Marketing

The company uses a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that draws in about 490,000 visitors to their site every month, as well as additional traffic to their Amazon storefront. This strategy is built around direct-response advertising that targets the brand’s core demographic. Facebook is behind most of their demand generation model, which they supplement with email and SMS marketing and PPC through Google search, Google Shopping, and Amazon.

Their customer service agents monitor all their social media pages daily, quickly responding to and engaging with potential customers. The company’s core demographic consists of middle-class individuals between the ages of 45 and 70, who are hoping to finally put an end to their mosquito or pest problems. The current ownership has recently implemented a subscription program to cut down on customer acquisition costs, boost their lifetime value, and create a stable source of recurring revenue for the brand to enjoy.

The brand operates primarily in Australia and the US, with these regions accounting for 80% of their sales. Canada and New Zealand contribute to the rest of their revenue. Their sales peak from October to March, when the Australian summer is at its peak, and the number of mosquitoes is at their highest.

Their top-selling product is their mosquito zapper, which is currently responsible for 80% of all sales. As Australia and the US have opposite seasons, this means that the product can sell year-round during the summer months for both regions.

Business Operations

The owners focus much of their time on team management, creative ideation and review, media buying, and investing in new revenue generating opportunities. 7 fulltime employees work in video editing, customer service, and marketing, alongside 3 additional freelancers who handle video editing, graphic design, and web design.

The acquisition’s operations have been steadily polished and streamlined, with all processes having extensive documentation and the excellent groundwork for the buyer to step smoothly into the ownership role. The current owners are interested in ensuring that the brand will continue to thrive going into the future, and are willing to stay on as needed for training.

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Technology, Internet & eCommerce Business Brokers

WC 3303

Asking Price
$ 2,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,267,591
Gross Income
$ 5,673,962
Year Established

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