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Pet Skincare, Pet Supplements & RV Products eCommerce Retailer – Amazon FBA


The target is a high growth ecommerce Retailer that operates under two separate brands. The brands operate in 2 diverse verticals – one in Pet Skincare & Supplements and the other in Outdoor Products supporting the Recreational Vehicle (RV) sector. Both brands are growing considerably year over year and have a long runway available for growth. The company is currently focused on the Amazon Sales Channel with a small percentage of sales also from, putting in a perfect position to begin focusing on additional sales channels, like branded Websites, other online retail Channels and Amazon International. This is the perfect business for an entrepreneur to get into an online company and learn the “Amazon Way” from a group of experts in the industry – a no brainer, especially for a new-comer into the online space.

The business has clean books and records and tax filings, making it a good opportunity for Qualified Buyers to purchase this eCommerce business for as little as 10% down, amortized over 10 years through Website Closers’ Lending Partners.

Thanks to their diverse product line and category array, this internet retailer sees low seasonality and low concentration risk in two underserved categories. On average, the brands see a $23 average ticket value year-round and are both well represented through high quality imaging and product descriptions. The company has a small support team that will likely come along with the new owner (if wanted), and ownership has already created an entire private Wiki page that shows all company documents, SOPs and training for the new owner. Transition to new ownership will thus be quite seamless and efficient. Relocation to anywhere in the world is possible as no physical location is necessary. No previous experience with eCommerce is necessary for this business – everything will be trained after closing as part of the transition.

This company has built itself atop an easy to run, low overhead model requiring zero office and no warehouse overhead, eliminating the need to deal with large employee or office expenditures. Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) program is utilized for all pick, pack, and shipping needs, reducing the need to deal with or ship products from its own warehouse. With a low necessary workload based on current sales, and although this business is scaling organically on its own, a new owner can choose to run the business as is, and reap the rewards, or to invest in the growth of the company, which primarily would be simply through the acquisition of inventory to begin selling on other channels and internationally. Situated for scale in a variety of ways, this collection is ready for expansion into almost any international channel and would be any easy addition to the Amazon Europe and Asian markets, wholesale brick & mortar, and even other segment-leading channels such as,, etc. – all potent ROI investments, this business is a ripe opportunity for the entrepreneur of almost any skill level.

This Multi-branded Amazon FBA Company Represented by:

Website Closers

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Listing ID:  WC1059

Asking Price
$ 2,100,000
Cash Flow
$ 523,373
Gross Income
$ 3,357,375
Year Established