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Pet Supplement Chews eCommerce Brand with Proprietary Formulas - 60% Repeat Order Rate - Primarily Amazon FBA


Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Pet Brand that demonstrates how innovation can lead to a loyal and grateful customer base that comes back over and over again to purchase their products. This business has its customer base among pet owners, and more specifically those dog owners whose beloved pets have been coping with pain. As their glowing reviews testify, this company has been a smashing success at creating food products that dogs love, and that contain healing ingredients that help alleviate some of their ongoing pain related to aging.

These products, manufactured for this company using their own proprietary formulas and sold under their own brand name, now enjoy a 60% Repeat Order Rate from satisfied customers who are eager to share how beneficial their products have been through 5 Star reviews.

Sold mainly on their Amazon platform, they maintain a 100% Positive Seller Rating, and are now poised for strong scale opportunities.

It would be difficult to underestimate how passionately people feel about their pets, and how eager they are to find specialized products that address any health or quality of life issues the pets may have. Consumers are backing that up with their spending power. The global pet care market has surpassed $232 billion and is projected to grow by 7% through 2027. There is increased demand for pet services and products that is driving sales within the pet care market.

While pet care covers a wide range of items, foods specifically made to contain healing qualities are exceptionally popular with pet owners today.

That’s why it’s important to focus on the brand’s numerous accomplishments to fully understand and appreciate the strong future they have.

Their products are custom made for them. Launched in June 2018, the company saw an opening in the pet care market, noting that there were few if any all-natural dog chews available that assist with treating the pet’s hip and joint pain. The few related products that were available had bad odors and did not have the right ingredients to be effective. This company set out to change that.

They created custom formulated all-natural dog supplements in the form of a soft chewy treat, developed with special flavors that allow for higher amounts of active ingredients. The result has been that dogs like the taste of their treats, and their uncompromised level of active ingredients work as intended in relieving the dogs’ hip or joint pain.

Customers have responded well to their SKUs. The company targets pet owners concerned about their older dog’s health, who have a hard time finding quality products that demonstrate results. Their customers have quickly discovered that after introducing their dog to this brand’s treats, their pet shows improvement. With those kinds of results, buyers are naturally happy to continue spending money on these products.

Because their products are unique, they are now enjoying repeat business … it helps as well that the company offers products through Amazon Subscribe & Save, and that all products are sold Prime. Sales are strong on their Average Order Value of $36.89, and are now selling consistently year-round, without any seasonal factors impacting sales. Their high Seller’s Rating comes not just from the effectiveness of their products, but their strong customer service as well. All products are quickly shipped using Fulfillment By Amazon, and orders are coming in so quickly that the company maintains $100,000+ worth of inventory to keep up, and new orders are placed every 3 months.

Marketing offers a huge scale opportunity. While the company has a Shopify store that gets some orders each month, the vast majority of their orders are placed on their Amazon platform, and the company has relied on PPC ads on Amazon to introduce their products to the eCommerce giant’s many pet owner customers.

That gives the company some appealing ways to use digital marketing to boost sales on their Shopify website.

That includes collecting customer emails on the site, and then using that for a regular newsletter sent out to subscribers that promotes their products, helps launch new ones and encourages upsells.

The same is true for a social media marketing campaign. Photos of satisfied customers and their beloved pet would be particularly effective on sites such as Facebook and Instagram, as would an influencer campaign launched on those sites.

Video testimonials from their customers, including videos of their dogs now happy and more energetic, would be effective for a video marketing campaign on sites such as YouTube and TikTok.

The company is now developing new products, including one that uses Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil as a key ingredient, and as they grow their product line, sales are certain to get stronger.

The brand has already developed a reputation as a leader in the niche space of specialized pet care products, and the pet care industry has proven to be highly evergreen. People love their pets and are willing to spend lots of money to keep them happy and safe. The fact that this is a highly automated business, one the current owner spends just 3-5 hours a week on, is another major asset for a buyer.

Contact Website Closers today to learn how this brand’s success truly puts the wow in every dog’s bow wow, and has a tremendous future ahead of it.

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