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Pet Supplements Brand – Amazon FBA with a Growing Subscribe & Save Membership – 60% Repeat Order Rate


Website Closers® presents an eCommerce business that, through diligent research, consistent innovation, and the creation of their own proprietary products, has blossomed into a paw-sitively incredible source of dog vitamins and supplements. Their SKUs are made specifically for older dogs suffering from joint pain, and contain anti-inflammatory and pain relieving ingredients to help them stay active and healthy. Their impeccable reputation speaks for itself, with customers raving about all the benefits that the supplements provide for their most loyal companions.

Their products are made in the US, using unique formulas sold exclusively under their brand name. Their Repeat Order Rate is a massive 60%, and they have a high number of five-star reviews, showing just how dedicated customers become once they realize all the benefits that the supplements carry.

Not only that, but on their main sales channel, Amazon, they have an astounding 100% Positive Seller Rating, which many other eCommerce businesses can go many years without achieving.

The overwhelming devotion and dedication that many people have towards their pets has caused the market to grow to an incredible size. The pet care market is worth over $232 billion, and it’s expected to grow at a further CAGR of 7% through 2027. Pets are seen as members of the family, driving their owners to buy products that will improve their quality of life, and, in turn, keep them around for as long as possible. As more consumers become educated on their pets’ needs and the services and products that can keep them happy and healthy, there will be more demand and interest in the market.

There has been an especially strong demand for products that contain healing qualities for their pets, and, as such, the company is in the perfect position to capitalize upon it with their custom SKUs.

The company made its start when they noticed an empty niche within the pet care market. Despite many older dogs suffering from hip and joint pain, there was a remarkable lack of all-natural dog chews available for customers to purchase. The few products that did exist were of notably poor quality, made from substandard ingredients that didn’t provide the nutrients that dogs needed, and gave the products a bad odor.

Taking into account the mistakes that other brands made, they soon went on to create their own formula for dog supplements. Their all-natural products are made with special flavors, in order to create a soft, tasty treat for any dog to enjoy. This lets the dogs receive all the health benefits packed into the supplements, without any bad taste that would make them refuse the help.

Their target demographic, customers worried about the health of their senior dogs, often struggle to find products that are both effective, and made using the higher quality ingredients that their pets deserve. These customers are pleased to find that their dogs show improvement soon after they start taking the company’s supplements, and, as such, are eager to keep buying from the brand in order to ensure the health of their dog.

The products’ exclusive formula is another driving factor behind the company’s high Repeat Order Rate, as customers won’t be able to expect the same results from other competing brands. They have also made it much easier for customers to make recurring purchases by utilizing Amazon Subscribe & Save, which makes it much more affordable to consistently buy from the company. They’ve successfully grown their Average Order Value to a solid $36.89, and, as good pet care is always valuable, their sales remain consistent throughout the year.

Their Seller Rating is not just because of their top-of-the-line products, however. They also provide great customer service, swiftly managing issues and concerns whenever they come up. Additionally, their products are all shipped through Fulfillment by Amazon, which makes the shipment process quick and efficient. The great rate of customer satisfaction that the company enjoys has led to high demand, and, in turn, a high number of orders. To keep up with all the purchases, the company maintains over $100,000 worth of inventory, and puts in new orders every 3 months.

They have a great amount of scale potential, with one method of growing the company being through their marketing. While they own a storefront on Shopify, Amazon makes up most of their overall sales, and all of their PPC ads are run on that platform. By drawing more attention to their Shopify account, they could quickly raise their profit, and diversify their sales channels.

Their new marketing strategy could include building their email subscriber list, and using it for a marketing campaign. This would involve sending out a regular newsletter to subscribers that promotes their existing products, informs customers of new releases, and offers various deals to raise upsells and drive their Repeat Order Rate even higher.

A social media marketing campaign would also be incredibly effective. The company could showcase photos and endorsements of customers and their pets on websites like Facebook and Instagram, which would show potential buyers how effective their products are. Partnering with popular social media influencers would also be helpful, as it would attract attention towards the company and its social media.

They could also start posting video testimonials on sites such as YouTube and TikTok. By showing videos of customers’ dogs being active and happy, they could give better proof of their results than what photos can offer. If the company manages to go viral on either website, they could see a truly astounding surge of interest in their brand.

The company has, within a short amount of time, grown into a prominent figure within the niche market of specialized pet care. They’re already developing new products to better appeal to their customers, such as a product featuring Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil as a main ingredient, and as their list of offerings expand, so will the company itself. The business is also highly-automated, with the owner requiring only 3 to 5 hours per week on it, which will give them great flexibility as the business grows.

If you’d like to hear more about this fetching acquisition, then contact Website Closers today.

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