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Powdered Vitamins & Supplements Brand – 800 SKUs – Wholesale & eCommerce


The target is a Mature, 12-Year Established, all-natural and organic powder supplements and vitamins brand, selling direct to consumers on numerous eCommerce platforms, as well as wholesale as a private label developer, manufacturer and distributor for salons, department stores, direct sales companies, TV infomercial marketers, industry professionals as well as numerous independent distributors.

This is a truly well-rounded brand, and while it sells on Amazon and its own Website, the company is highly diversified and manufacturers all of its own products in-house. The company specializes in nutrition, diet and health supplements; vitamins, minerals, herbs and extracts; powdered foods; skin care and hair care; specialty treatment products; fragrances & fragranced body care products; as well as, New Orleans Creole & Italian food & spice products.

Thanks to this company’s longevity in the Nutrition space, the brand is well-recognized and reputable with over 10,000 regular customers subscribed to its loyalty program. The company also boasts a 32% repeat customer rate, and 6,555 monthly average visitors, yielding a $145 average ticket value – a massive ATV for any company in this category. This proven performer offers over 800 SKUs with relatively low concentration in any one dietary focus, and this collectively has yielded multiple Amazon’s Choice badges on the most desirable storefront for this sector. On the eCommerce side, the company sells on its own Website, Amazon, Walmart, Sears, Jet, Rakuten, Newegg, Fruugo, DealBar and Mass Genie.

Strongly differentiated against its competitors with a focused and well-branded presentation, lightweight on overhead, and complete with a highly effective digital marketing strategy already in-place, this is diamond in the rough that is ready for scale. The company averages a 4.5 Star Rating across all SKUs on Amazon with positive seller reviews, and multiple Amazon’s Choice badges, a large portion of this companies’ flow through its Amazon Storefront where data shows little to no seasonality is evident Setup on a mixed mode shipping platform, DTC website sales are filled from a small, on-site warehouse while all Amazon orders are stocked, filled, and shipped via FBA.

This is a highly agile business in one of the single hottest spaces in eCom today, offering excellent scale opportunities – this brand can instantly be scaled out to international markets with the power of Amazon, additional products from existing suppliers can be packaged and launched, email and marketing campaigns can be successfully implemented with its existing database of over 10,000 contacts, and thanks to its top-notch brand presentation, it is in the perfect position to begin pitching to big box retail shelves, standing to gain incremental sales regardless of where it is taken.


This Consumer Products Brand Represented by:

Website Closers
Tech & Internet M&A

Asking Price
$ 1,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 350,939
Gross Income
$ 1,154,540
Year Established