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PR, Social Media, Branding & Promotion Consulting Agency in the Electronic Music Niche – Large Repeat Business – $700 AOV – No Paid Media Investments to Date


Website Closers® presents a social media, public relations, branding, and promotion consulting company operating in the electronic music vertical.

The music industry can be a formidable place to navigate. Having an expert in place to guide an artist from their beginning stages can be very important. Many need help to get heard and noticed, and most never reach their full potential because they don’t have the right team behind them. The industry is highly competitive, and creating great music isn’t enough without having experienced representation. This company helps its clients improve their game and shoot for the stars.

The business profile is generally to work with musicians at all stages of their growth, whether just starting up, or rebranding themselves after years of hustling. They help build a brand that represents and delivers the client’s music to the right audience. The team is immensely passionate about the niche, which is why it can create tailored marketing plans that illustrate what’s unique about each artist and target new potential listeners.

To generate Musician Clients, the company has not used a Paid Media approach – no marketing dollars have been deployed. Ownership has focused more on organic marketing, meaning all the clients in the agency came from word-of-mouth referrals, through the website, or from Google searches and social media. Aside from some SEO endeavors, the company has not invested in Google Ads and similar opportunities and instead relied on its excellent reputation.

The company deploys social media, which involves showing artists’ releases, sharing tips, publishing blogs, testimonials, videos of clients playing, new artists in the agency, and more.

The business provides a variety of services, including the following:

  • Artist Guidance
  • Branding
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Spotify Growth
  • SoundCloud Growth
  • YouTube Promotions
  • PR & Media
  • Label Pitching
  • Design And Graphics

The most popular services include social media management, PR, branding, and release promos. Regarding demographics, clients are predominantly from the US, Canada, Europe, Israel, and Australia.

There are several types of client avatars which include the following:

Aspiring musicians. These artists need help with the whole package, from branding, setting up social media and music platforms, and career guidance to building a marketing strategy based on where they are in their career and their goals. They come with little or no experience, are more receptive to ideas, and allow the team to take the lead on everything.

B-list musicians are another core group of customers. They are already performing but looking to take their careers to the next level. They typically have some experience and understanding of the music industry and how things work and are looking to invest in marketing or rebranding to achieve that goal. They understand the need to allocate a budget to reach mass as they’ve already released music but have yet to see the levels of success they hoped to.

Finally, A-list artists utilize the agency’s services. These musicians are already making it big and want to go bigger. They have the resources to spend on marketing and possess experience in the music industry. They are looking for a team to help them with management, tech support, posting and scheduling, and scaling their career to new heights. They are open to ideas and spend more on extra services once they see the value in them.

The business peaks in summer when demand is rife, and musicians perform regularly. Aspiring artists tend to hibernate in winter and focus on making new music. That said, the agency currently has 13 retainer clients and single service offerings each month.

The owner works, on average, 25 hours per week, focusing primarily on strategy, managing the team and tasks, meeting with clients, business finances, running the magazine, and scaling the business.

4 additional employees work as contracted freelancers in the following capacities:

A senior manager helps with social media management, client relations, scheduling, strategy, tech support, posting, music platforms management, content editing, and operations.

The junior social media manager works around 60 hours monthly.

A copywriter works five hours weekly and is responsible for writing biographies, social media, and website copy, as well as articles for the magazine.

The PR manager is responsible for reaching out to media outlets, forwarding articles, and getting the artists’ releases featured on different outlets such as magazines and blogs.

The owner has highly detailed SOPs for social media and management of music platforms, clients, releases, and all other business aspects. A buyer with marketing and advertising skills could transition swiftly to operate this company successfully and scale it dramatically.

The existing owner is willing to keep consulting if necessary to make the transition as smooth as possible. He will forward his knowledge to ensure the agency grows with someone else’s experience and help as many musicians as possible worldwide.

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Asking Price
$ 550,000
Cash Flow
$ 90,589
Gross Income
$ 121,433
Year Established