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Premium Jewelry Brand Ready for Scale.

This is one of the rarest opportunities we have seen to date; truly a diamond in the rough. This business currently generates over 95% of its revenue from, making it highly scalable via its own website properties as well as on other platforms and marketplaces.

Question: When reviewing acquisitions opportunities in 2014, what is every eCommerce entrepreneur looking for in a target?

Answer: A highly scalable, branded product line with solid sales performance that contains barriers to entry to minimize competition, strong margins, and is in position to be successful on major search engines.

This premium brand was created in 2008 and has enjoyed solid growth, revenue and bottom line results since inception. This business is exactly what smart web entrepreneurs are looking for today. The Owner has created a very powerful brand that is ripe for additional opportunities at both retail and wholesale.

This business has 3 performance factors that make it stand out from the eCommerce crowd:

1. Operates 2 accounts within the Jewelry Category on Amazon. This category is now closed, creating a barrier to entry and minimization of competition in this space.
2. Sells under a premium brand, allowing savvy web entrepreneurs the opportunity to use the brand to scale the site and the business on major search engines.
3. Because this company does not sell other peoples goods, Amazon and other sellers cannot compete on an ASIN/UPC basis.

First launched in 2008, this Amazon Storefront is a solid performer with impeccably clean numbers. The company holds a PERFECT 5 STAR Rating on Amazon with over 2,000 seller ratings. The business has very recently been identified by Amazon as a top performer in this category.

A quick review of the products offered clearly shows that the product line is exactly what customers are looking for, and the customer service and goodwill associated with this company is second to none. The products offered by this business are the highest quality in their class, and the Seller has a proven business model for acquiring product on very good margins – this knowledge alone is priceless.

Any entity that sells on Amazon is normally concerned with the potential for Amazon (or other sellers) to buy direct from a manufacturer thereby undercutting price and increasing Amazon’s own SKU-based relevancy for that product. That is not possible with this business – this business has its own brand and imports its own products. This means that nobody can compete on Amazon for the same branded product line, so there are no concerns with merged ASINs or price wars – a clear step ahead of those few that have been allowed to sell in the Jewelry Category.

And as for growth, there are so many opportunities to use the power of Amazon and its PR value to build on the current eCommerce website using the power of the brand. Search engines love brands, and this brand already has a solid track record on Amazon to benefit a buyer on day one in the expansion of an eCommerce storefront. And Jewelry is a category that can be sold on a number of other marketplaces, so scale will be an immediate opportunity.

This is a home run opportunity for a currently operating eCommerce Internet company, or for a person that would like to get into the Internet Sector. Amazon’s Seller Central platform is a very easy to use platform, so once trained, a buyer will be able to take the reins and either run the company as it is today, or scale and create a much larger business.

We have reviewed this business with banks, and lending will not be a problem for the right buyer. Give us a call for more – this one will go fast.

Asking Price
$ 1,800,000
Cash Flow
$ 447,480
Gross Income
$ 865,044
Year Established
Currently operated from a home location taking up less than 500sf. Can easily continue to be operated from a home or a small office location. (Home Based)
Will train to ensure Buyer is comfortable. Also willing to continue with the new Buyer in a consulting capacity as agreed to by the parties.
Growth Expansion
The current owner has only focused its brand and revenue development via Amazon. A website is in operation, but it is not being marketed in any capacity. This is an immediate, huge opportunity for a Buyer.

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