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Private Label eCommerce Brand in the Parchment Sheet Vertical – Amazon FBA & Shopify – Strong Growth – Strong Amazon Ratings


Website Closers® presents a thriving eCommerce leader within the vibrant niche of eco-friendly kitchenware items. Leveraging the most popular eCommerce websites, the company has focused on one niche business line: various Unbleached, Exact-Fit Parchment Sheets for cooking and baking. This brand’s sales are so strong that repeat orders have become the norm.

The brand’s online ratings are very high. Revenues have been boosted by the brand’s messaging, which is directed toward environmentally conscious consumers, especially a female demographic, who are committed to purchasing sustainable consumer products. In 2020 alone, this growing business saw almost $500,000 in gross revenue and there is no limit to their scale opportunities.

Growing quickly over the past 4 years, this brand has high ranking storefronts on a multitude of channels, including Amazon and Shopify, with a lucrative, established presence throughout Amazon Europe. There is tremendous room to expand into the UK and other European markets.  With excellent ranking for several of its products, a subscriber list of 1,550+, and an additional email database of past orders from Amazon customers that exceeds 8,000+ qualified leads; this brand is strategically primed for retargeting, Facebook, and other social media marketing practices. All of their SKUs on Amazon are 4.7 – 5 Star, with thousands of reviews in place.

Introducing a line of new products could increase this company’s sales and market reach impactfully. In fact, there are 5 SKUs already in development that promise incredible market adoption rates. While the brand has mostly relied on eCommerce sales so far, the company has started to receive lucrative B2B wholesale orders that represent monumental growth opportunities. Targeting restaurants, bakeries, and cafés to drive consistent wholesale purchasing could prove extremely promising. Likewise, this company could experience growth by exploring the potential for brick-and-mortar sales in big box stores such as Walmart, Target, and local grocery chains.

Historically popular for use in restaurants and other food serving establishments, these parchment papers are coated in a layer of silicone to give it a nonstick quality while making it heat-and water-resistant – are now equally common for at home kitchens as well. Built on a foundation of convenience, sustainability, and flexibility, this company is strategically developed to drive lasting success.

As part of its powerful eco-friendly standpoint, the company minimizes its use of plastic and designs all packaging in cardboard to reduce the glut of polluting plastics in the world’s waste channels. This brand also upholds its green reputation by requesting photos from the supplier of the final product and approving packaging text and design before any order is shipped. Additionally, they work to bring attention to non-profits and other positive brands to further promote their highly engaging message.

This company’s growth potential is enormous since the company can easily expand by taking any kitchen product and quickly creating a non-plastic, non-toxic, or eco-friendly version of it.  With an Average Order Value of $14-17, the business maintains consistent sales throughout the year with peaks during any holiday season when consumers tend to spend time baking at home. About 90% of products are currently sold on Amazon, where they have earned a 4.9 average seller rating and several SKUs have been ranked as a #1 Best Seller at various times.

The brand also has a Shopify website where they have seen a sales boom.  With continued success on both online platforms, this business can be operated without an office or warehouse. Leveraging their current growth, the brand is currently gearing up to offer products through a subscription model to capitalize on both their repeat customer rate and the growing profitability of ‘set it and forget it’ shopping practices.

In addition to having more than 1,300 email subscribers, this company has acquired more than 5,500 organic Instagram followers and 3,000 on their Facebook business page. Their active and extraordinarily successful SEO program includes an educational and informative blog that focuses on parchment facts, recipes, and crafts. Beginning to focus on nontraditional buyers such as pharmaceutical and CBD oil companies, as well as other companies that may be interested in their strong, unbleached parchment paper, represent other powerful paths to growth.

Since the company’s main overhead cost is shipping, growing the wholesale brand of this company could prove tremendously effective for maximizing profits. Shipping in bulk is considerably cheaper than shipping individual SKUs to retail customers, and a 3PL such as Amazon FBA could similarly lower this cost for their D2C sales.

Improving on their current marketing tactics, an incoming buyer could engage in targeted Facebook advertising along with regular promotions sent to their expansive email database. There is a particularly strong growth opportunity to improve traffic to the company’s Shopify site through Google AdWords and PPC initiatives that could dramatically increase direct sales. This business is positioned to sell internationally across Amazon UK, France, Spain, Italy, and Denmark. With their Amazon Europe account fully set up, these proven products can easily begin to reach all corners of the globe to drive further expansion into more countries.

The current owner operates this company with one virtual assistant who works full-time. The owner focuses on running the daily operations, strategizing on how to grow the business, handling supplier communications and re-orders, and doing inventory management, logistics, and new product research while devoting part of each week to training on the latest trends in eCommerce.

This prosperous eCommerce brand is a leader in the field of eco-friendly and flexible kitchenware that represents a terrific opportunity to take advantage of the phenomenally successful model that’s been built so far. With an easily expanded profit margin, this company is ripe for scaling by a capable and business-minded new owner.

The brand’s focus on the environment and sustainability are crucial marketing factors that have led to its strong social media standing and rapid market adoption. With global consumers now spending billions each year on products marketed as green and sustainable, this brand has a growing audience that is willing to pay a premium for the level of goods they provide. As this market is set to grow dramatically in the coming years, this company will see ever-growing opportunities for expansion, market reach, profitability and more.

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