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The target is a branded line of premium water-infusion bottles with applications ranging from hardcore fitness consumers to casual users and children. These products are uniquely designed with manufacturing molds proprietary to this business, thanks to exclusive manufacturer contracts. A key innovation for this brand is a more user-friendly bottom-fed infuser design, differentiating itself easily from the competition both in presentation as well as innovation.

Selling direct to consumers from its branded website and its Amazon storefront, this nutritional accessory Internet Business is realizing 36% YOY growth and 23% net margins on a $21.77 average ticket value, which is thanks to its innovative design, sterling presentation and value-added content such as complimentary eBooks and other dynamic content. This brand is extremely well situated in an evergreen segment with an enormous amount of cross-pollination in terms of demographics and verticals thanks to the multi-application nature of the product and the ability to scale the brand into adjacent infusion-related product verticals, including pitchers, ice molds, toddler sippy cups, and more.

Ownership has wisely outsourced PPC and SEO management; CSR duties are handled by OPEX-friendly remote VAs which ensures little to no domestic overhead is required, making this a wholly portable business with eminently viable headspace for ownership to focus on one thing, and one thing only – growth of this already meteoric business.

Strong Brand loyalty as a result of a robust social media presence has already paid dividends, but not all stones remain unturned for this nutritional goods innovator – the road ahead is paved with opportunities such as point-and-click Amazon expansion into international markets, wholesale and affiliate opportunities, and even brick & mortar presence – additional online sales channels remain available thanks to the socially salient nature of the product, and can be tapped with only the most minimal time and infrastructure investments in the hand of nearly owner, making this a shoe-in acquisition for absolutely any business already invested in the red-hot fitness/health/supplements world, but yet to set foot on Amazon; as a standalone acquisition, this business is equally attractive as its value proposition illustrates itself, especially for the fast moving entrepreneur.

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Asking Price
$ 475,000
Cash Flow
$ 143,096
Gross Income
$ 713,145
Year Established