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Purpose-Driven Apparel Brand – DTC Website Sales – Large Social Following – 300,000 Monthly Uniques


Website Closers® presents a rapidly up-and-coming eCommerce business in the field of niche themed apparel. They emphasize themes of mental health, wellness, and self-love in their clothes and accessories, encouraging their customers to carry on and persevere even in the darkest times. They have over 300 SKUs with an Average Order Value of $45. Though their advertising tactics are simple, they see an average of over 300,000 monthly visitors to their website and operate in 4 countries.

The company sells a diverse selection of products primarily consisting of long-sleeved and short sleeved shirts, t-shirts and hoodies. These products come in a wide variety of colors, and all feature a message of positivity and wellness. They ship an average of 75 products per day, and given their range of apparel, they see very little seasonality.

Their largest selling point has been the themes … the idea that they and their products endorse a commitment to mental health as the foundation of their business. Customer consistently praise the concept behind their clothes, giving them even more reason to buy their products. Their incredible reputation isn’t without merit, as the company has pledged to donate a percentage of profits towards suicide prevention organizations. This encourages customers to buy from the brand, secure in the knowledge that their money will be going towards a good cause.

Their reputation also encourages customers to share the brand through word-of-mouth – this has led to plenty of organic traffic. Their social media pages have been prospering, with their Instagram Page boasting over 26,800 followers. Outside of social media, they also run paid media on Facebook, and have an affiliates’ program in place.

The company could quickly scale by expanding upon their current advertising strategies. They could, for instance, utilize paid media on Google alongside their Facebook ads, and further develop their affiliates’ program. Additionally, they could take advantage of their over 20,000 strong email subscriber list to craft an email marketing campaign. They could create a newsletter featuring information on the latest deals, announcing new offerings, or even sharing words of encouragement to cheer subscribers on.

Another option would be to polish up the website itself and adding SEO practices to their product descriptions and landing pages, and by launching a new blog. The blog could discuss coping skills, ways to enrich one’s mental health, and other topics catered to the brand’s audience.

Marketing is not the only way that the company can grow. While they already have an expansive list of SKUs, adding to it would exponentially increase their margins. As they already have dropship print on demand, the company would have no issue adding new types of products, including, but not limited to, new apparel options, accessories, and new slogans and styles. Some of these slogans could be trademarked or copyrighted, making for an exclusive product that only the company can offer.

The family friendly nature of the company also means that they could see success in adding a children’s size option for their apparel. This would allow them to capitalize upon an entirely new demographic and make their products significantly more giftable. They could lean into the idea of their products being great present ideas by creating gift set bundles from products that feature the same slogan. In general, they could follow the Life is Good shirt company’s expansion model given their similarities in mission (your purchase has purpose).

Outside of increased advertising and new products, the company could grow by expanding onto other, well-known eCommerce websites, including Amazon, Walmart, and Etsy. These platforms are used by millions of consumers every day, and as a result, would present the company’s products to a larger number of people.

Building storefronts on other eCommerce platforms would also allow the company to strengthen their international sales. They currently sell in four countries, including the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia. Amazon has platforms in all these countries and more, presenting a fantastic opportunity to develop the brand around the world.

The global market that the company is based within is a highly lucrative one, having been valued at 527.1 billion USD in 2020, and with projections to reach 842.7 billion by 2025. Apparel is, after all, a necessity, meaning that the company will have no shortage of customers as it continues to grow.

Along with its plethora of scale opportunities, the company itself is also remarkably simple to manage. The current owner spends a mere 4 hours per week running the business, during which focus is placed on optimizing advertising, inventory management, and maintaining supplier relationships. Outside of the owner, the company also has 2 employees, who handle customer service for the brand.

The world is full of unexpected twists and turns, and because of this, there are many people that are either looking for, or hoping to share, a slice of positivity. Because of this, there is a high demand for products that can help make things just a little brighter. This acquisition strives to achieve that, in the hopes of building a movement based around wellness and self-worth.

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