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Strong Growth, Multiple Segment Web Company

This Internet Company has been in business for a decade, showing strong growth metrics year over year. After 10 years of developing and growing a stable, highly profitable business, the Owner is interested in selling the company and starting something new – in a separate industry.

For the right buyer, this business can be acquired with as little as 10-15% down. The brokerage excels at SBA financing, with a strong network of lenders throughout the country – when inquiring about this business, be sure to ask us about financing.

The company operates a number of websites within multiple segments, making it a solid opportunity for a current Web Company, or for a budding entrepreneur looking to get started in the growing world of Online Retail via a well-rounded web company.

The company operates in 2 separate segments. One is a high technology product line for both residential and commercial clients, with high barriers to entry and low competition. The operation sells both its own line of branded products as well as other products in the industry. The company operates at the highest tier possible with its manufacturers, resulting in much higher margins than the competition. Customers are highly varied for this product array; channels include organizations, federal and state offices and direct-to-consumer.

The other segment this business operates within is a highly coveted Consumer Product Line that is branded by the company and widely sold on both its own website and on Amazon. In fact, Amazon’s sales are growing at the highest pace of any other channel – and since no other retailer can compete with the Owner’s self-branded product line, there is little fear that Amazon or another seller will swoop in to begin competing directly, thus eroding margin.

The seller is aware of multiple paths to scale and will be willing to share those with a buyer during due diligence. Seller believes that the company has only just scraped the surface of where they can go with sales.

Asking Price
$ 1,995,500
Cash Flow
$ 501,525
Gross Income
$ 4,095,015
Year Established

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