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Rapidly Growing Opportunity in the Medical Vertical Offering Essential Medical Supplies on Amazon and eCommerce – Over 100% YOY growth


This business is a Rapid-Growth Opportunity in the Medical Vertical offering Essential Medical Supplies on Amazon & eCommerce concentrating primarily on the diabetes vertical, with comprehensive offerings including high-demand consumables that drive large amounts of repeat buyer traffic thanks to advantageous bulk pricing from suppliers and a user-friendly, highly polished eCommerce storefront and Amazon storefront as well.  This online company offers over 120 top brand SKUs of in-demand, life-saving medical products for numerous demographics. The bulk of its revenue is driven by the Amazon & eBay storefronts where it boasts a 94% Lifetime Seller Review along with an eBay Lifetime Seller Review of 98%.  Currently realizing 85% YOY growth with a 20% increase in projections YOY for the next three years, this company sees consistent revenue and high margins with a perfect impulse-buy average ticket of $37.49, no seasonality and a 23 % repeat customer rate.

This SKU line-up is 100% USA sourced and is fulfilled & packaged in a hybrid fashion, stocking & shipping in-house as well as utilizing Amazon FBA for 10-15% of Amazon traffic.  With over 300 orders going out per day, almost all Amazon orders are shipped FBA or SFP while the remaining orders are shipped DTC from a small owner warehouse where two employees maintain all shipping and inventory processing needs.  Great supplier relationships are established with distributors offering solid volume pricing across the board, allowing for a high speed & low drag weekly turn of inventory.  Ownership works less than part time hours to help oversee customer service issues and maintain the business.  A quick opportunity to increase OPEX and rid the company of storage and shipping overhead would be to switch all shipping and inventory to an FBA platform – an easy transition to increase profits as soon as new ownership takes the reigns. This a highly turn-key opportunity in every way imaginable as no special or skills or background are needed to run and maintain this business.

With excellent ratings on Amazon, consistent growth proven and projected, high volume sales drivers in an in-demand and unseasonal space, and a dependably broad spread across dozens of consistently growing verticals, this Amazon and eCom retailer is in an excellent position to not only scale domestically within the USDM, but also abroad – with the power of Amazon, new markets are only a step away for even the most junior buyer, regardless of skill level.


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Listing ID:  WC1003

Asking Price
$ 1,770,000
Cash Flow
$ 566,000
Gross Income
$ 4,400,000
Year Established