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Rapidly Scaling Subscription Streaming Websites for the Flourishing Hair Cutting Niche - 2,700+ Average Monthly Visitor Rate - 80% Retention Rate


Website Closers® presents a highly targeted entertainment, production, and streaming company. Driving a rapidly increasing number of paid subscribers, this unique brand has earned a jaw-dropping 80% customer retention rate. Focusing their entire content library on hair-cutting videos and hair related products, this massively successful streaming platform films, edits, and crafts their own original and exclusive content to continuously add to their offerings and ensure phenomenal production quality. Launching a multitude of successful entertainment sites, this company provides streaming and download options for their highly profitable audience.

Leveraging an interconnecting platform designed for long term use without the need for a development team or web hosting service, this company had their websites custom designed for lasting operation and easy scalability. Partnering on content with a popular online magazine for haircutting and related initiatives, this popular streaming site strives to have an evergreen set of compelling content that is constantly growing.

Appealing to a powerfully engaged market, this company has accumulated a vast database of more than 1,800 users that could be further upsold through options such as premium memberships and newsletter subscriptions. Additionally, email marketing campaigns could be used to market new content directly to their audience.

Marketing effectively across this niche industry segment, this company operates a highly ranked YouTube channel where they post promotional content, along with 3 successful Instagram accounts that are used for brand building, recruiting, and the creation of tremendously profitable  hashtag content. These initiatives could be bolstered with the creation of more social media pages on channels such as TikTok, OnlyFans, Tumblr, and Pinterest for a higher market penetration with minimal additional ad spend.

Owing most of their growth so far to word-of-mouth brand awareness and organic social media efforts, the business has earned a steadily growing average monthly visitor rate that currently sits at a comfortable 5,600+. A one-of-a-kind full-service content creation and streaming site, this company could not be more strategically positioned as the world turns increasingly towards online entertainment. Allowing streaming through apps on all devices such as laptops, tablets, smart phones, smart TVs, and more could dramatically increase accessibility and sales throughout current users and internationally.

With a myriad of incredible growth opportunities available, this company could branch out into other entertainment subcategories while opening up the option for crowdsourced content for those who would like to promote their own video creations. From monetizing both their audience and streaming framework for others to entering new fields and geographic areas, this company has boundless scaling ability.

Responsible for 97% of the brand’s current revenue, this company offers site subscriptions to users looking to stream haircutting and hair related content. Scaling significantly due to 2 new service offerings, this company is perfectly poised for long-term stability and growth. These new branches include a download store where users can buy a copy of the video content to keep along with an exclusive members forum where likeminded audience member can interact, meet, and discuss new videos.

Operating with incredible margins and ever-growing net profits, this company could create additional revenue streams through more personalized offerings such as on-demand content and VIP memberships for lucrative upselling and wider appeal.

Working regularly with a professional hairstylist, this production and streaming company films all their own content through a reliable and scalable framework. Minimizing costs, the team also relies on a video shoot coordinator to recruit in-screen talent and ensure content creation. The remaining needs of the company are met by independent contractors to operate this highly profitable brand smoothly and effectively.

Evolving their offerings into a content creations hub, this company could begin allowing other video creators to promote content on their platform. This could exponentially increase the amount of content offered while attracting a larger audience.

Opening their platform further, this company could capitalize on other niche video content segments to allow for audience and entertainment diversification. This initiative would go hand in hand with opening up content posting options to increase the user rate, time spent on the site, and overall appeal which should deliver incredible new revenue streams.

The current ownership spends only 6 weekly hours on operating this  business. They are in charge of new video editing and posting in addition to social media posting, newsletter creation, and promo video development. These tasks could be outsourced easily to an independent contractor to make this an entirely hands-off company.

Not requiring any specialized knowledge, this company is easily run by any kind of buyer. In fact, the current owner is even willing to stay on throughout the transition to ensure a seamless transition.

Today, entertainment is mainly consumed over the internet and this innovative streaming platform has found a profitable and reliable channel  for their niche content. Offering access to a tremendous content library that is always updating with more specialized videos, this company has built out their revenue streams through subscription offerings, a download store, and an exclusive discussion forum for members. With new monetization options available such as on demand content, premium memberships, app development, and crowdsourced content, this already proven business could blossom into a phenomenally powerful moneymaker.

Optimizing this company operationally and through extended content creation, an incoming owner would be well positioned for incredible profits. This investment is an evergreen option for content creation, sharing, and sales that could be an invaluable asset to any capable buyer.

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Asking Price
$ 395,000
Cash Flow
$ 194,237
Gross Income
$ 208,237
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