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The target company is every Internet entrepreneur’s dream. This eCommerce Company is driven by a premium, highly valuable and exclusive domain that has continued to dominate position one in Google throughout all search algorithm changes. In today’s world of continual search engine updates, maintaining position one over big box stores is highly unique, and this amazing business owns position one for both the singular and plural versions of the primary, exact match keyword – giving it unprecedented goodwill with shoppers. The company has uniquely strong sales in both B2B and B2C with the opportunity to build on these segments with new products and websites. Over 18 years old with impeccable books and records, makes it a great opportunity for a qualified buyer to put as little as 10% down to acquire this company through the SBA process. We are confident that we will have no problem justifying the strike price of this company during the underwriting process.

This is a rare opportunity, not just because of the value of this PREMIUM DOMAIN and its organic placement in major search engines, but also because it is a HIGHLY AGED DOMAIN with eCommerce earnings of just under One Million Annually – and still growing after all these years. Combine the goodwill value of the domain, the company’s earnings, and the opportunity for a strategic buyer to lower overhead tremendously (offering an immediate boost to earnings), and this is the opportunity of a lifetime. It will no doubt be interesting to investors looking to get a foothold in this segment or looking to expand their current portfolios.

The range of products offered by this business include a very large assortment of industrial and scientific instruments, including in-house proprietary brands, which represents a very large percentage of the sales mix, and which therefore, provide excellent profit margins.
There are a large number of scale opportunities immediately available to investors, including, but not limited to, leveraging the company’s existing B2B channels with new products, expansion of the company’s Amazon sales channel, transitioning Internationally (especially with its own brands), initiating social media marketing channels, expanding the product mix and utilizing the company’s two proprietary brands to sell on a wholesale basis.

This is a highly unique opportunity for investors to acquire not just a highly valuable domain, but one that has a controlling footprint in the sector within which it operates. This is the unicorn of eCommerce companies – we recommend that all interested parties react very quickly on this one as it will not last long.

This business represented by
Technology & Internet Business Brokers

Asking Price
$ 5,100,000
Cash Flow
$ 992,114
Gross Income
$ 4,865,498
Year Established

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