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The target is an eyewear and reading glasses brand that has built the company on the back of eCommerce and in the Health and Personal Care and Fashion categories. The company primarily focuses in the eyewear niches of reading glasses, computer glasses and reading glasses accessories, offering over 2,500 SKUs across 14 primary product lines. This Internet Company has been developed from the ground up using smart, margin-monitoring tactics by a Founder that is looking to retire.

Offering a comprehensive lineup of nonprescription reading aids with thousands of variations across the entire offering, this is a home run opportunity for a fully trademarked brand that operates in a lower competition category in the online space. And this is more than just a brand, it is a truly established company with solid sales history demonstrating with 43% Annual Growth Rate.

This finely oiled machine operates on a hybrid FBA/FBM platform on the platform, which makes up the majority of its sales. This means that it consistently enjoys well above average margins thanks to a streamlined logistics / fulfillment model that offers the agility to minimize OPEX regardless of volume, SKU or shipping destination. Warehouse overhead is kept to a minimum, with core infrastructure running smoothly to ensure both turnkey operations as well as maximum volume. The business is based in Las Vegas and can be easily relocated, or a buyer can lease or buy the existing 7,500 square foot Vegas warehouse and manage remotely.

Featuring a high level of RECURRING REVENUE business thanks to a comprehensive offering that allows buyers to customize not just product style and color but also magnification level, this retailer effectively manages to capture an exceptionally wide swath of any potential demographic both in terms of age and price range. Often written off as a primarily senior citizen-oriented vertical, non-prescription reading aids, when offered in scalable fashion and magnification, have proven to be a product with broad appeal outside of what might be considered traditional norms for the space. The product mix caters to a nearly universal need – up to 90% of all adults requires a reading aid – and lends itself extremely well to repeat purchases – most people have several pair and need to replace regularly.

This savvy retail business is ready to be taken to the next level thanks to enormous scale potential offered by such a polished platform coupled to a firmly established brand – international sales are one step away with the Amazon platform, diversification is an easy move with related products such as ANSI rated safety glasses and related accessories in neighboring categories – not to mention wholesaling and brick & mortar plays; this is a fantastic opportunity to jump into a growing retail market with highly consistent growth and robust infrastructure immediately at hand.

This Amazon FBA Business for Sale is Represented by:
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Asking Price
$ 4,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,102,001
Gross Income
$ 4,672,922
Year Established

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