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Recurring Revenue Predictive Stock Tracking Platform - Technical Trading Indicators, Data Mining & Unique Tracking Tools for Traders - SBA Pre-Approved


This target is a 10-Year Established Internet Platform with Recurring Revenue offering unique advantage tools to traders and investors by leveraging modern data mining techniques to identify predictive, future trading opportunities.  With a 60-70% proclivity that has created an instant brand trust, this platform enjoys consistent growth with over 6,200 users over its lifetime with no spend on traditional PPC or social media campaigns. In its 10 year history, the company has never had a non-profitable month. This is no inventory/no capital investment that is pure profit and limitless scale.

Providing statically relevant advantages in Forex, equalities, and options trading markets, this business eliminates investors’ fears by allowing trading inside a predictive time window thus reducing risk. Year over year sales continue to increase with the average product increasing five times in the past 24 months. The company and its offered products and services are both Covid-19 and recession-proof and is a perfect business to be in both now and in the coming years.  As proof of this, during these difficult times, the company revenues are rising and in March 2020, they had the 2nd largest sales month in their 10-year history. All orders are auto-debited monthly allowing for recurring revenue at an average ticket value of $711 per order.  All IPs and trademarks are owned with no 3rd party affiliate, allowing this company to stand head and shoulders above its competitors in every way.

All internal operations and processes are standardized and automated to be run with a two to three-person team.  Operational function outsourcing is already in place and can be expanded if needed.  With a well structured and fully functional system in place and closely following a procedural template, minimum owner involvement is required in day-to-day operations with principal partners spending around ten hours week managing the business.  No working capital is necessary, and no physical inventory is needed for this service-based business, cutting out any financial risks and allowing for fluid and positive cash flow always.  An International expansion plan is in place and about ready to launch and produce a significant new revenue stream.

Designed for scale, this business offers significant multi-channel sales expansions. New ownership can easily expand to additional trading platforms, create a subscription service, migrate to larger and higher populated platforms in international markets, partner with additional non-competitive companies, participate in additional community trading expos, and create millennial investment product offerings.

With an email database list of over 90,000, marketing has predominantly been grounded in email campaigns and YouTube, but owners can quickly increase marketing exposure by leveraging customer testimonials, creating successful PPC, SEO, and Facebook marketing campaigns, and promoting weekly training webinars on additional platforms. This company was developed and presented by degreed engineers in the trading market making this opportunity a premium resource in the industry. It’s a golden opportunity for a hands-off investment with unlimited potential.

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Listing ID:  WC2040

Asking Price
$ 1,999,995
Cash Flow
$ 556,717
Gross Income
$ 637,940
Year Established